8 Inspirations for the Latest Minimalist Fence Design 2021

The minimalist house fence design has recently become a favorite model for most people in Indonesia. Although it looks simple, this minimalist design will look beautiful if you use it at the front of the house. Curious about how the look is suitable to be applied in your home? Check out the recommendations from Prospect below!

Beautiful Minimalist Home Fence Design Inspiration

Adding a fence element in front of the house can not only strengthen the security side, but can also be maximized to beautify the facade of the house. There are many choices of modern minimalist home fence models that you can apply to the recommendations below.

Minimalist Home Fence Design Iron Trellis White Color

Source: pinterest (xlam.co.nz)

This model is suitable for those of you who want to build a residence with a simple impression. The form, which only consists of vertical and horizontal lines, has the same function as a window trellis, namely, providing security while still seeing the aesthetic value at the same time. Because the material is easy to find and the design is also not complicated, generally this fence is often chosen because it will cost quite a bit.

Sliding Minimalist House Fence Model

Source: pinterest (archdaily.com)

The minimalist sliding house fence model can be an option for those of you who have a garage for a car at home. This fence will facilitate access to open and close the gate with a rail at the bottom. The details are not too complicated, will make your home look more elegant from the outside. With a neutral color combination, it will complete the minimalist impression that is applied.

Two Doors on a Wooden Fence

Source: pinterest (renoguide.com.au)

Wood raw material is one of the choices commonly used in making house fences. Some people are skeptical about using wood as the main material for fences or gates. This is because they are worried about the weathering of the wood, so the fence does not last for a long time. Therefore, the selection of the type of wood is a crucial factor and must be considered carefully. Several types of wood that can be used as fence material are teak, ironwood, merbau, and many more. This minimalist home fence example is suitable for fans of the naturalist concept.

Mix and match white walls and iron doors

Source: pinterest (archdaily.com)

If you don't want to use too much material such as iron in the fence, try the following combination. By still prioritizing the value of simplicity and functionality, you can build a fence by combining white walls with a two-door iron fence. Then, various small plants can be planted near the wall as an additional decoration. This customization helps your home look more beautiful and beautiful.

Vines as Fence Sweetener

Source: pinterest (behance.net)

Maybe some of you think the previous example makes the fence look too "lonely." As a solution, vines like those that appear in this minimalist home fence design. Basically, the minimalist concept in home design is to reduce unnecessary excess decorations. But on the other hand there is also an efficient and effective implementation of building functions. Likewise with this type of plant, you can easily put it on the top side of the fence to just give a beautiful impression to the dwelling.

Modern Minimalist House Fence Model with Grassland

Source: pinterest (behance.net)

Land used for fences does not only have to be filled with walls and fence frames. A small garden or land for plants like the one in the picture can be an alternative to beautify your home. Usually some people who like this design set aside land that is not too wide to be used as a place to plant ornamental grass.

Modern Minimalist Steel Fence with Light Decoration

source: pinterest (behance.net)

Are you a fan of modern minimalist design? If so, then maybe this minimalist home fence example is the right choice. One characteristic that is highlighted from modern minimalism is elegant simplicity. Then, the construction of the building looks firm and sharp. In addition, modern minimalism also prioritizes the use of materials such as metal, glass, and steel.

In the following design, you can imitate the combination of a wall fence with a door made of steel. Next, choose and use neutral colors to apply to the remaining parts of the wall. In addition, you can also add decorative lights. That way, the residence looks more alive with a contemporary feel.

Three Door Fence and Natural Stone Accent

Source: pinterest (behance.net)

The minimalist concept is also often juxtaposed with natural aspects of the building. One of the applications you can see in this last design. Even though the fence is made of ordinary iron frames, the beauty of the dwelling can still be highlighted by adding natural stone components and wall plants. This option is also often used as a reference for prospective residents who want a varied design but still within the budget.

Some of the inspiration for the modern minimalist home fence model above you can choose according to your taste and development budget. But still make sure the functional aspects of the fence are not ruled out.

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