Complete Guide to Choosing Quality Kitchen Ceramics


When building a new house or doing renovations, you may be confused in choosing ceramics. Whether it's in terms of ceramic size, type of ceramic, ceramic brand, and ceramic model. Especially in choosing kitchen ceramics. As a vital part in the house, the selection of ceramics is important so that the kitchen room looks good and functional.

The selection of the right ceramics in the kitchen area can help regulate the air in it. The color of the kitchen tiles also determines the nuances that the residents of the house want. In this article, we will discuss a complete guide to choosing quality kitchen ceramics. Good for floor tiles and kitchen wall tiles.

Things to consider in choosing kitchen ceramics


1. Choose ceramics that fit your budget and needs

With the variety of prices and models of kitchen ceramics today, it makes you have to be more careful in choosing. Choose kitchen tiles that fit your budget and needs. Don't force buying expensive ceramics if it doesn't fit your budget.

2. Decide where the tiles will be installed

Before you choose a material, decide where the ceramic will be installed. You can install ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor, kitchen walls, or on the kitchen counter.

3. Make sure there is a ceramic warranty

Warranty is no less important than the others. Be sure to ask for the details of the ceramic warranty if later there is a defective ceramic when it will be installed.

4. Choose ceramics that have the same size and tone as the walls of the kitchen room

If you want an aesthetically pleasing kitchen, it is important to choose ceramics according to the tone of the room. Make sure the color of the kitchen tiles you choose will match and match the kitchen as a whole or with the room that is next to the kitchen.

5. Selection of ceramic color and size

By choosing ceramics according to the right color and size, the kitchen room will look aesthetically pleasing and more functional. The larger the size of a ceramic tile in a room, the more spacious the appearance of the room will be.

If your kitchen space lacks sunlight, choose light colored ceramics. Likewise the other way around.

6. Selection of ceramic surface texture

There are several types of ceramic surfaces, including glossy (shiny), matte (textured), and satin. All three differ in their slickness. For the kitchen, choose ceramics that have an uneven texture, so they are not slippery when cooking in the kitchen.

Guide to Choosing Kitchen Wall Ceramics

In choosing kitchen wall tiles, you can experiment and make innovations so that the kitchen looks attractive and beautiful. However, of course there are some important things to note, namely:

  • Adjust the size of the ceramics for the kitchen walls with the area of ​​the room, so that they look unified and in line with the overall design of the house.
  • If your kitchen space is large enough, choose medium-sized tiles. It makes it look balanced. The kitchen will be neater and more comfortable.
  • If your residence has a minimalist concept, your small kitchen can look wider with the selection of minimalist ceramics with striped motifs. In addition, you can also choose kitchen wall tiles with puzzle or mosaic motifs.
  • It is important to remember that you have to match the ceramic motif with the kitchen paint. If you want a classic element, choose a ceramic pattern with a floral or coral motif. The choice of matching colors will make the kitchen more fun and eye-catching.

Guide to Choosing Kitchen Floor Ceramics

When you want to choose kitchen floor tiles, there are two things that must be considered, namely aesthetics and safety. In terms of aesthetics or a beautiful ceramic design, adjust it to the area of ​​your kitchen. The choice of ceramic motifs and colors will also affect the feel and appearance of your kitchen from a distance.

As a room for cooking, we certainly understand that the kitchen floor will later be exposed to spills of flour, oil, water, or other sticky food ingredients. For that, choose kitchen floor tiles that are not too shiny, so they are easy to clean.

The following are some inspiration for kitchen floor tiles that may be suitable for you to apply:

White kitchen floor tiles

Keramik putih klasik ini mampu memberikan kesan bersih dan luas. Untuk menimbulkan tampilan yang lebih kuat, pilihlah keramik lantai dapur berwarna putih dengan motif garis halus.

Wood patterned kitchen floor tiles

Wood motifs will be suitable and elegant if applied to the kitchen. In addition, the application of wood-patterned ceramics will display a minimalist impression in your kitchen space.


Patterned kitchen floor tiles Black and White

The color of the BnW kitchen floor tiles, aka black and white, looks simple and attracts the attention of people who come to your home. You can apply the dominant white color to the kitchen cabinets and other kitchen sets to make it look neater.

Diagonal kitchen floor tiles

Diagonal motifs can be used for a minimalist kitchen. The use of diagonally patterned ceramics can give a broad impression even though the room is limited.

foto: HGTV Home

Ceramic kitchen floor with natural stone motif

If you have a stainless steel kitchen set, you can use natural stone ceramic types. That way, the appearance of the kitchen interior will be beautiful and natural. You can also combine it with other kitchen furniture or decorations.

After reading this article, hopefully you can choose ceramics for the kitchen well and wisely. The kitchen is a part of the house that is quite complicated to build, so it needs a lot of consideration. However, there is no need to worry because Sejasa can help realize your dream kitchen.

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