Tips for Building a House with Limited Money

Duniaarsitek- Talking about building a house can't be separated from the cost, and it's not cheap, many people build houses carelessly and don't manage their finances, so they experience cost overruns that have been targeted, even though they build a comfortable and decent house for the family is something that must be prioritized.

It is common practice that building a house requires a lot of money and time, but it is worth the effort. Therefore we must know the price and the trick, so that when we build a house we will not experience an increase in cost and time. In this article, Mabasipil will provide some tips for you so you don't experience the things that have been mentioned above.

1. Careful planning and consultation

Starting from planning is the initial thing that you must prepare carefully, namely in the form of a house design, if you have more budget, it would be nice to entrust the planning and design to quality Architect services.

Consult your needs about your dream home. And do not rush to agree to the design provided by the architect, pay attention to whether it is to your liking.

2. Minimalist and uncomplicated design

The more complicated a house design, the more expensive it will be to make it, so choose a minimalist and uncomplicated home design.

In addition, by choosing a minimalist design, the work will be faster, in contrast to complex and complicated designs.

3. Nice Construction Team

After the planning design has been obtained, it now proceeds to the next process, namely selecting an efficient building construction team.

Many construction workers work carelessly, therefore you have to really sort this out, because it is very influential with the results,

Choose a construction worker who you really can trust, and can work together according to your wishes, or can ask for recommendations from Architects, friends, family, etc.

4. Knowing Material Prices

Mengetahui harga-harga material yang di butuhkan untuk membangun rumah merupakan hal penting, supaya mencegah biaya pembelian material dimanipulasi oleh pekerja kontruksi yang tidak amanah.

5. Build a House in Steps

If the budget for building a house is limited, you can build your dream house in stages.

This means you will build little by little the parts of your house, such as the foundation, house structure, house walls, up to the finishing stage.

It is better to build gradually than you continue to collect money which in the end will be used again by urgent needs, this method will be more efficient if you get more income so that it can be directly allocated to the construction of your dream home.

Even though in this way the process of building a house will take longer, but you will succeed in building a house according to your wishes,

Lastly, you have to put your function first over aesthetics, although aesthetic aspects are important, a house with optimal function will be much better.

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