Tips for Building a Minimalist 2-Story House


Minimalist 2-storey houses are often built with more complexity, because it is related to the number of rooms that can be maximized, even on land with a limited area. Well, to optimize its construction, here are some tips that you can pay attention to.

Not only one-story buildings, limited land often makes people build multi-storey houses. This method is of course taken as an answer to the needs of the room or rooms needed in a house.

Without reducing the function of the house that can provide comfort when inhabited, optimizing the design of a minimalist 2-storey house you can do by paying attention to several things. Here are some of them:

Learn the Materials needed

Not everyone wants to do this, so the need for material expenditure is often provided directly by the contractor company in charge of carrying out construction projects. Basically this is not wrong, even the right step, it's just that if you want to acquire this, then you can get a lot of benefits.

One of them is in terms of determining the design or concept of the dream house that you want to build. By overcoming every problem that arises with the right solution thanks to the use of the required raw materials.

Knowing the type of building material product to use will give you an advantage. Among them the ability to choose the right product at a more affordable price with the best quality, according to needs.

Learn Soil Condition

Soil conditions are often a determinant of the length of the building's life, especially the type of minimalist 2-storey house. In this case, land with a moving character will make the structure of the house easily damaged, so it does not have the expected service life.

Basically, making the right foundation can avoid these problems. Or if possible, choose land (for houses) that is not easy to move, so that when built on it it is not easy to damage the building structure.

Basically, there are many things that need to be known, especially in terms of understanding the contours of the land and the required building structure. The easiest way in this case is to work with a professional and experienced building contractor company.

Sturdy Foundation Is Very Important

Every building or house definitely needs a solid foundation so that it can be occupied for a long time. However, for the affairs of a minimalist 2-storey house, this section should really be considered.

Using the right material composition and quality is the right way to meet this need. Including the process of mixing the composition of binder materials, such as cement, gravel, concrete, and steel foundations required must be appropriate.

If you lack experience in this matter, working with the right and professional building contractor will make this process easy to overcome. Likewise, the process and use of building materials will be fulfilled properly.

Choose the Concept as Needed

Home needs are often personal, adjusted to what kind of family inhabiting it. Young couples, families with several family members, or for you to live alone. This is often adjusted to the concept of the type of house to be built.

Most often is the influence of the number of rooms needed, this need is often adjusted to the number of family members, or people who frequently visit the house. Including the required room facilities, such as a dining room, main room (gathering and so on).

Likewise for those of you who only occupy the house alone. Concepts with modern, industrial, vintage designs, and so on are ways to make yourself comfortable in the house for a long time.

The Importance of the Budgeting Process

Budgeting is one of the important processes in construction activities, because it relates to the next steps to be taken. Such as shopping for building materials needed, facilities to be built and so on.

This process needs to be done properly, especially for those of you who have a limited budget and want to build a 2-storey minimalist house. Given this need, there are several important elements that need to be considered.

Like the exterior that shows an aesthetic impression with the need for windows to enter sunlight freely. Stairs, the number of rooms, and the arrangement of other room functions in the house, can also be optimized even with limited funding.

Choose the Right Building Contractor

It is the easiest and most solution way to solve problems, one of which is when building a 2-storey minimalist house. There are many advantages that you can get when you do this from the start, one of which is effectiveness in calculations.

The right building contractor will help you make careful planning, and the right design according to your needs. In addition, their experience in making them also gives you an overview of expenses that can be adjusted to the budgeting process.

Because it is thought out from the start, the strategy you make with the right party will make the plan run smoothly according to the concept. So that the building stands as expected with a maximum age of use, without being constrained by various problems that may arise in the development process.

Types of Stairs for 2-Story Minimalist Houses

To maximize the function of each room in a minimalist 2-story house, stairs are an important element that must be present. And usually there are 3 types of stairs that are commonly used for the needs of this type of house concept.

Upright Stairs. Is a type of conventional stairs that are often used in buildings with more than one floor. The construction of this type of ladder is usually carried out in a minimalist house type with a large type of room.

Upright stairs in this type of minimalist home are usually adjusted to the existing space, in this case adjusting the length or short of the stairs to fit the room. Not only that, the bottom of the stairs is often used for several needs, one of which is storage space, even placing a television table (area).

Zigzag Ladder. It is a type of ladder that is almost similar to an upright ladder, only to optimize the use of space the route is made to turn. Another way can also be done by turning it around, so that it uses less space.

In terms of aesthetics, this type of ladder usually has advantages over upright stairs in general. In addition, this method can be used to take advantage of the excess free space in the empty part of the room.

Rotary Ladder. Is the simplest adjustment of the two types of stairs above. This type of ladder even takes up very little space, so the rest can be used for other facilities in the house.

In terms of aesthetics, this type of ladder is very unique, but in terms of comfort it is still very lacking compared to the previous two types of stairs. Especially for people who are not used to climbing stairs of this type, it takes more effort to reach the very top of the stairs.

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