19+ Latest Modern Minimalist 3D House Plans 2021

3D Minimalist House Plans New Inspiration 2021 For Your Dream Home – A house with a minimalist-style concept does seem like a magnet in choosing or building a dwelling

This time we will discuss the design of a 3D house plan with a minimalist concept that is equipped with 3 bedrooms.

Houses with 3 bedrooms will usually be chosen or built by residents who have more than two children or by residents who have large families.

Minimalist 3D house plans with 3 bedrooms are rarely glimpsed by newly married couples.

However, there is nothing wrong with choosing a house with 3 bedrooms.

Here are some tips for designing a minimalist house with 3 bedrooms in it:

Newest Minimalist 3D House Plan 2021

A minimalist concept house with 3 bedrooms can only be made on 1 floor.

However, if the land area is included in a narrow category, it can be developed into 2 floors.

The goal is that the house does not feel cramped and away from the impression of being cramped.

Even though the house has a minimalist concept, it must also consider the comfort sector.

For that it is highly recommended to expand it into 2 floors.

It is an advantage for you if you design or design your own house plans, especially 3D 3 bedroom house plans.

3D house plans make your floor plans more real and more real.

House plans using 3D will make it easier for you to give a view of how your building will be built later.

By designing your own minimalist 3D house plan, you can create unique designs for the interior of the room as well as the exterior.

You can also freely determine for yourself where the position and size of the room are comfortable for your family while maintaining the concept of maximizing the function of the space.

Furthermore, as said above, maximizing the function of the room is an important concept in building a minimalist home.

The trick can be done by combining several spaces to save size.

For example, you can combine a living room and family room as well as a small bedroom and bathroom.

Here you also need a simple 3D house plan to help you maximize your space.

Build a residence with the right room, not too little and not too much. The rooms that must exist in a dwelling are bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

Because in essence a good and correct spatial layout is one that is built according to the required needs.

One of the concepts of minimalist 3D house plans is to minimize building too much space that is not really needed.

This minimalist concept is not only used to build a housing.

Now it has also been widely applied to apartments in urban areas.

Many apartments are designed with a minimalist concept with 3 bedrooms.

This aims to increase the number of people who are in one apartment room.

You can determine which rooms can be maximized before you build a new room. Like a living room that can be used as a family room and tv room at the same time.

By adding a little furniture with a unique shape or color or that has been modified on the front of your residence, it will add a cozy or homey impression before entering the house.

Provide a place for air circulation. You can put it in the back of your house.

Do not forget to add a garden or open space as a dirty air filter. In addition, it will also add to the impression of cool, beautiful, and green, also not boring.

Those are 19 more inspirational examples of minimalist 3d house plans that can be your reference when building a house.

Before making a house plan, try to pay attention to the RAB design that fits your budget.

Hopefully this article is useful, friends, dunia arsitek!

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