Definition of Keet Directors, Semi-Permanent Field Office

Project development is not an activity that can be completed in an instant. In the process, it must involve a lot of time and energy from construction workers. In order to support the needs of workers during construction, it is necessary to have a room called the director of keet. What is the meaning of director keet and how is it explained? Come on, learn together through this review!

Definition of Keet's Board of Directors

Directors keet is another name for a field office. This term is very commonly used by people who work in infrastructure. The field office is a simple building which generally measures no more than 24 m2. The shape of this building varies, according to the contractor or construction developer being worked on.

The existence of a field office should be mandatory when a contractor will run a building project. The flow is that before carrying out the construction process of the building in question, the directors of Keet must finish building it first. That way, the implementation of the project between the contractor and other construction experts can run smoothly without any obstacles.

Keet Board of Directors Functions

So, what is the use or function of the keet director? Ordinary people might think of this building as a place to relax like chatting and drinking coffee. However, the function of the field office is actually far more important than the two activities. To find out, see more in the following points

Centralized Communication Place

As we know, the process of making a project involves many parties. Starting from the construction workers themselves, contractors, to development consultants. Not infrequently there are also several other parties outside the three people involved in the construction of a project.

The implementation of projects involving all parties will not be separated from communication. For example, there may be a proposed development plan by a consultant service. That way, they need a place to gather and discuss.

Construction sites that tend to be messy and full of building materials are clearly not possible to fulfill these activities. Therefore, it is necessary to build a field office earlier. In this building, everyone can gather comfortably and have discussions.

Warehouse of Valuables

If there are frequent discussions at the construction center, it is possible that many documents or other valuable equipment must be stored safely. One solution is to build this office.

In addition, all this time we know that the construction of a project is full of risks of accidents. Field offices are also often used as a place to store valuables such as safety equipment and first aid kits.

Office of Construction Workers and Project Service Providers

It has also been previously mentioned that many people will be involved during the project development process. Representatives from each of these parties can use the field office as their land to carry out various activities such as planning to work evaluation.

Project Monitoring Center

A project involves a series of important processes such as planning, material acceptance, construction, to construction inspection when the building is completed. All these activities certainly need to be monitored carefully so that nothing is missed.

So that in the end both the construction building and the people involved in the construction of the project are spared from problems. This is related to the function of the next field office, namely as a monitoring center.

Resting Place

In building buildings, bridges, or even houses, it generally takes months. Construction workers who are tasked with carrying out construction also often have to go back and forth to the project site and their residence. However, what if they wanted to rest in the middle of the day?

Of course they can't just go home and come back to the location. This will take more time and energy. This need can also be one of the reasons for the importance of the field office.

Administration Office

The last function is the field office as a place for administration. In general, infrastructure activities also need to go through a correspondence process such as licensing to local site administrators or local residents. This activity can also be done in the keet director.

Keet Board of Directors Size

The board of directors is a temporary place. Thus, the framework of the building that is made will not stay in the location forever. After the project is completed, usually the field office building is also demolished.

Then, the construction is also relatively simple. As long as all the functions of the Keet directors can be carried out properly, the construction of this field office is considered sufficient. Therefore, the selection of materials and sizes does not need to be excessive.

In general, field office buildings are constructed of sandwich panels. Selection of sandwich panels as the main assembly material is not without reason. This is because, these materials can reduce heat.

So that people who are in the board of directors will not feel excessive heat and avoid noise during construction. When viewed from the size, the size of the board of directors is usually around the size of 4 x 6 meters.

Apart from this discussion, the fact is that in the field there are still many who ignore the construction of field offices. Because of that, a lot of work has been missed or even neglected.

As a good contractor or property agent, learning basic things such as the understanding of this keet director has become an obligation.

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