Drawings of Foundation Plans for Various Constructions and Examples

When building a house or building, of course there will be an initial process, namely the design. One of the things that need to go through this process is the foundation plan. There are several types that you can learn about the foundation plan. Let's see the explanation this time!

What is Foundation Plan

A foundation plan or design is a sketch drawing that shows how the foundation of a building will be built. Usually, the scheme will show the shape, path, and foundation point from the top side according to the building's spatial plan.

Foundation plans need to be prepared properly for smooth development. Like a tread, if the foundation is not properly arranged then your dwelling tends to be fragile and easy to collapse.

Type of Building Foundation

Choosing the right type of foundation is a good first step to anticipate the risk of construction resistance. Broadly speaking, you can study it based on two groups, namely shallow and deep foundations. Check out a brief discussion of both in the following points.

Shallow Foundation Type

When building a house, shallow foundations are used more often than deep foundations. As the name implies, the depth of this foundation is a maximum of 3 meters so it is not too far from the ground.

In general, shallow foundation designs are widely used in constructions built on hard soil. Here are some frames that are included in the type of shallow foundation.

  1. Tread foundations are often used in cylindrical buildings. The function of this foundation frame is to withstand a single point of load on a construction.
  2. Raft foundations are usually in buildings that have a large area. The load points supported by the foundation frame are spread evenly throughout the building points. This foundation consists of a large concrete assembly.
  3. Line foundations will be widely used in square and rectangular shaped buildings. The design of the path foundation usually requires a mixture of stone and river stone. The function of this foundation is to support elongated loads on certain buildings.
  4. Local Foundations are constructed to help reduce the load borne by practical columns. Some examples of local foundations commonly used by construction experts are piles of river stones on traditional houses.

Deep Foundation Type

Deep foundations can be used to support building loads to a depth of more than 3 meters below ground level. Concrete piles and frame materials used can be larger than shallow foundations. Some examples of deep foundations are:

  1. Pile foundation has a depth of more than 8 meters below ground level. This type serves as a conduit for the load from the building to layers located far below the construction itself. Usually, the pile foundation design is made by arranging concrete piles to resist forces orthogonally.
  2. Bore Pile foundations have similarities with pile foundations. The load received from the construction of the building will be channeled to the subgrade with a certain depth. Another name for bore pile foundations is caissons frames. This foundation utilizes the opposing lifting force to be able to withstand the load on the building structure.
  3. Piers foundations are usually formed using precast reinforced concrete. This type can be said to be quite cheap compared to other types. Its function is to distribute the structural load on a building.

Foundation Plan Drawing

In designing the construction of houses and others, the drawing of the foundation plan is important. This effort can make it easier for you and the construction side to monitor the construction so that it goes according to plan. There are several examples of foundation plans that you can use as references. Read more on the following points!

Pile Foundation Plan

Source: megacon.id

Pile foundation plans are usually made of construction materials in the form of steel, concrete, wood, or composites. Usually a collection of piles on this foundation frame is square or cylindrical. This type will be very useful if it is built in soil that has natural drainage channels with a certain pressure.

Kali Stone Foundation Plan

Source: sciencerumah.com

In addition to the various types of foundations that have been mentioned, there are also other types, namely river stone foundations. Usually the river stone foundation plan is designed in a trapezoidal shape with various sizes. If you want to choose a durable frame, maybe this one will suit you. In addition, the process is also quite practical and simple.

Chicken Claw Foundation Plan

Source: pinterest.com

Foot plate foundation is one of the most popular types in Indonesia. This foundation is often referred to as the chicken claw foundation frame because the plate and steel pipe frames that make up this foundation are shaped like chicken claws. The foot plate foundation plan will be very useful if it is built on watery soil or has weak resistance.

That was information about the details of the foundation plan that you can learn and apply before building a dwelling. Make sure you know in detail how the foundation of the building will be occupied. This is in order to minimize the danger of collapse and other unwanted damage. In addition, building maintenance can also be easier to do.

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