Minimalist & Modern Carport Design in 2021

The carport is indeed outside the house, but its presence can add more value to the house. Especially if the carport is designed as attractive and as good as possible. Your home will instantly look neater and classier, you know! Many people may think that the carport does not have an attractive design or just like that. In fact, there are lots of contemporary carport designs that can make the appearance of the facade of the house level up. Here are some examples:

Example of a Minimalist Carport Design 1

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The minimalist impression is so thick when you first see this carport example. The use of wood on the roof of the canopy makes the overall look sweet and simple. Make sure to use quality wood if you want to make a carport like this so that it can last a long time and is resistant to termites.

Example of a Minimalist Carport Design 2

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Second, there is a carport that is perfect for vine lovers to imitate. The roof of the carport is intentionally made empty, there is only an iron fence devoted to vines. Later if the vines planted are already dense, then the roof will be covered with leaves so that it can give a cool impression.

Carport Design Example 3

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Third, if you like industrialist style, then this carport design can be an option. With a finishing that is only in the form of cement mortar, the carport in fact can still look cool. Don't forget to install transparent tiles as natural lighting, OK!

Example of a Minimalist Carport Design 4

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All white! This car port is perfect for those of you who like white. In addition to giving a simple and clean impression, white with accents can also give a sweet impression to the residence. That way, even though it's simple, the overall appearance of your home remains very outstanding.

Example of a Minimalist Carport Design 5

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Finally, there is a multifunctional car port design. Because, in addition to being a place to put the car, the top of the car port is also the balcony of the house. Car port designs like this have been widely adopted by modern minimalist-style houses with limited land area.

Tips for Making a Carport at Home

Similar to designing other parts of the house, making a car port also needs some special tips to make it durable and long-lasting. Here are some tips that can be used as a reference before building a car port at home:

Pay Attention to the Floor

Try to use ceramic that is not slippery as a floor so as not to harm when it rains. You can also use paving blocks or gravel. Because if you use ordinary ceramic floors, when it rains it will be very slippery and prone to accidents.

Pay Attention to Size

Don't just make it up, make sure you measure the size of the car port correctly and weigh how many vehicles will be parked there. Because if it's too small, it's useless later it won't be able to be used. On the other hand, if it is too large, it will take up a lot of land.

Pay attention to the size of the ramp

The ramp is a sloping runway at the car port that faces the road in front of the house. If the ramp is too steep, it will be difficult for cars and motorbikes to get inside. We recommend that you consult with the workers who built the car port so that the vehicle can go in and out smoothly without obstacles.

Pay Attention to Material Usage

Use materials that are durable and resistant to all weathers so you don't have to spend on continuous renovations. In addition, because Indonesia is a country that rains quite often, make sure the material you use is storm, rust and rain-resistant.

Pay Attention to Location

Do not let the car port block the main entrance of the house, because of course it will hinder mobility. In addition, vehicle fumes will easily enter if the car port is right in front of the main door of the house and can cause disease.

Pay Attention to Design

Do not let your carport design stray far from the overall theme. For example, if your house has a European style, make a matching car port, don't make a modern minimalist car port.

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