What is a House Facade? Types and Functions for Your Home

Fasad is the Indonesian term for the outer part of a house. It doesn't always have to be the same, there are several types that you can choose to decorate your home. Even in some buildings, the facade is built on the basis of certain historical values. To be clear, get to know more information about the definition and types of building facades through the following full review of dunia arsitek.

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What is a Facade?

Facade is the outside view of a building. In architecture, the concept of a building facade is generally used to describe the front view or face of a building, whether it's a house, office, school, or other building.

Functions of Building Facades

The function of building facades that we have known so far is only a form of expression of a person in building a building. But not only that, the facades of houses and buildings have a number of other functions, namely:

1. The first function of the building's facade is definitely related to aesthetics. With various styles, the facade is an aspect that can describe one's taste

2. The facade of the house must be built one of them because of the durability function. To keep the residence durable in the long term, the materials used in the building facade concept are usually resistant to weather changes

Types of Building Facades

Today we often find architectural styles that are mixed and matched with each other in the facade of the house. Each type of course has its own characteristics and values. The following are a number of types of building facades based on architectural styles that you can try!

Mediterranean Tropical House Facade

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The first type of building facade is tropical mediterranean. This one model is a combination of tropical and Mediterranean architectural styles. Basically, the two concepts have one thing in common, namely being one with nature.

The use of natural materials such as wood and bamboo is the hallmark of this type of house facade. In addition, the tropical mediterranean also emphasizes the number of openings, so that the natural air and weather can be directly felt from inside the house. This style is suitable to be applied in Indonesia, which incidentally is a country with a tropical climate.

Modern Minimalist House Facade

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Modern minimalist design is one of the popular architectural styles among fans of the simple is the best flow. The minimalist concept emphasizes simplicity and functional design. The color palette of this style is not far from monochrome colors, namely black, white, and gray. While the modern impression is usually shown by emphasizing the shape of the house and the flat roof.

In another sense, it can be concluded that this style seems 'clean' with no additional sweetener decorations. But make no mistake, even though it is fairly simple, for some people, modern minimalist design is an elegant concept.

Classic House Facade

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In contrast to minimalism, the classic house facade design actually maintains forms that tend to be unique and complicated. The addition of carvings on the pillars or the color that tends to be bone white in a classic house is an absorption from Greek art. In general, modern classic houses are considered as luxurious and expensive designs. This design may be suitable for those of you who like something vintage.

Building Facade Material

In addition to the various types of architectural styles, it should also be noted that the construction of the facade cannot be separated from construction materials such as wood, natural stone, and the like. So what are the commonly used building facade materials? Read more in the list below.

1. Brick

Brick is one of the construction materials that you can choose as a house facade material. Some people who like a unique impression but still look natural will usually choose the type of brick for additional accents on the exterior of the residence. In addition to beautifying aesthetics, brick is also useful for dealing with extreme weather in Indonesia. Tropical areas with strong sunlight can be helped by the use of bricks on the outside of the building

2. Natural Stone

Another option that people often glance at to create a natural impression on the exterior of their house is natural stone. This material has a wide variety of types, namely limestone, palimanan, temples, andesite to marble. This type of material has long been used for building construction. If the arrangement is done properly, buildings with natural stone can continue to be durable and sturdy.

3. Concrete

The next material commonly used in house facades is concrete. This type of material does not require additional coatings to prevent weathering. So that some people who attach importance to practical value will choose concrete to build the facade of their house. In addition, concrete has a unique texture that usually fits the industrialist style.

4. Glass

In addition to the three types of materials that have been mentioned, glass is arguably a favorite choice as a combination of modern minimalist house facades. The use of wide and large glass on the outside of your house can also save electricity costs because there is natural light coming in. However, it should be noted that its use should not be excessive in order to maintain the risk of global warming.

That was dunia arsitek review of the facade of the house, its various types, and its functions. Every individual must have different tastes in building their dream dwelling, including in the selection of this part of the house.

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