7 Best Places to Store Valuables at Home


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Do you have a lot of valuables and want to keep them at home? If so, make sure it's always safe, you guys! Don't worry because at home there are also many secret places that you can use to store valuables, such as gold, important documents, cash, jewelry, and others.

This secret place may not be thought of by you and thieves who will steal valuables at home will also be confused to find it. Curious where the place is? Come on, read this article further!

1. Kitchen set

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Usually, the kitchen has many shelves or cabinets to store all the cooking utensils. So, no one will think that you are hiding valuables here.

The trick, you need to provide a little place to put a small safe in the kitchen cabinet in the corner or at the very back. After that, cover it with kitchen utensils so that it is not conspicuous. Well, if you want to be even more secure, you can also punch holes in the wall behind the cabinet to place a safe for valuables. Then, cover it with a cloth or board.

In addition, you can also make a secret storage area inside the kitchen set wall, you know. Make one side of your wall open so you can place a valuables safe inside.

2. Children's room

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Storing valuables in the master bedroom is very common and predictable. Of course, the thieves would look for him there first. So, so as not to be seen by thieves, it's better to store your valuables in the child's room, which is usually messy, especially one full of toys.

If your child's room has a toy box, keep a safe in the pile of toys. In addition, you can also create a secret room in the child's closet. Of course, when the condition of the children's room is messy, this will make the thief not look in it.

3. Back of the painting

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Do you have paintings hanging on the walls of your house? If so, you can use the painting to hide valuables, you know. Make a small spot on the wall to put your safe, then cover it with your painting.

If you want to open the safe, you'll have to take the painting off the wall or slide it. Thus, your valuables will be safer.

4. Inside the fake wall socket

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This is one place that thieves certainly wouldn't think of. Who would have thought that behind the socket there was a secret place? Well, you can make fake sockets without electricity in the room. Then, place the safe in the small room. In addition, you can also add a lock to make the secret place more secure for storing valuables.

5. Back wall photo frame

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In addition to paintings, photo frames on the wall can also be the door to a good secret place, you know. You can create a swivel photo frame template. When you slide it there will be a safe door to hide valuables. Of course, thieves will not think that you will store goods in it.

6. Under the carpet or vinyl floor

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Do you have parquet or vinyl flooring in your home? If so, it would be a good idea to create a secret storage area underneath. You can create a storage area by covering it with parquet or vinyl flooring. Then, you can layer it again by using a fur rug. Make sure you put the safe in a secret room to keep it safe.

7. Bathroom wall

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You can also store valuables in the bathroom, you know. Look for an inconspicuous corner of the wall in the bathroom. Then, make the wall as a wardrobe that can be opened. Well, you can put a safe in it as a secret storage room.

However, make sure the items you store on the bathroom wall are moisture-proof. Avoid storing jewelry in the bathroom because it can turn the color pale.

Well, that's the 7 best places to store valuables in your home. Never thought of it before, right? Make sure you choose a safe of the highest quality to keep your valuables safe. Don't make the wrong choice of safe

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