Is Light Steel Roof Frame Prone to Electric Shock?


In recent years, mild steel has become a very excellent building material, whether it is used as a roof frame, wall, ceiling, and so on.

Its popularity is due to the light steel frame has many advantages. Such as rust-resistant, fire-resistant, sturdy, easy to install, and much more.

However, there may still be questions in the minds of all of the Architect's friends, are light steel frames prone to electricity to endanger lives? Moreover, some time ago there was news about workers who died from being electrocuted while repairing the electricity network in buildings with light steel construction.

So, is it true that mild steel is not safe for house construction? Before speculating further, you should consider the reviews below.

Mild Steel Properties

Like other types of steel, mild steel is a conductor of electricity. This means that this material is able to conduct electricity well.

Due to the nature of mild steel, it is not surprising that this material is often accused of being unsafe for building construction. Moreover, there have been casualties.

Even though the risk of electric shock can actually occur from any construction material. Even wood. Especially when wet, wood can also be a good conductor of electricity.

Actually, it is not the fault of the mild steel material, but an error during the installation of electrical installations that leaked and many exposed wires, so that someone could be electrocuted to death.

As long as the electrical installation is properly installed according to the procedure, the lightweight steel roof is guaranteed to be safe from electric shock even if it is touched directly by hand.

Tips to Prevent Electric Shock from Mild Steel Frame

In order to prevent electrocution when repairing mild steel construction, there are a few tips that you need to do. Including the following.

1. Laying Electrical Installation

One of the prevention of electric shock is to consider the position of the electrical installation. Never allow cables to come into direct contact with the mild steel frame.

Instead, try to mount or attach it directly to the wall. In addition, if you have to, make it a position so that it hangs with a plastic rope and do not use wire.

2. Cable Wrapping

Wires exposed to various factors including rat bites increase the risk of electric shock. Especially if the electric current comes into contact with metals such as mild steel. That is why, you need to use PVC type conduit pipe to wrap the cables that cross between the steel frames.

Basically, the function of this type of pipe itself is to protect the cable installation in the building, to be safe and not easily peeled off due to the bites of rodents such as mice, cockroaches, etc. So that the inside of the cable is not touched directly by humans.

The choice of cable wrapping must also be considered, the wrapping pipe must be of good quality and labeled with SNI so that it is not easily damaged. In addition, you also need to choose a cable with an SNI label to make it safer even though the price is a little expensive.

3. Use of T-Dus Pipe

In addition to protecting cables using conduit pipes, cable connections also need to be protected so that they are not easily touched by humans.

In this case, you can use a t-dus block to hide the cable connection. Choose quality materials and labeled with SNI to be safer.

4. Electrical Circuit Breaker

The next way to prevent electric shock from the mild steel frame is to install an electrical circuit breaker.

The function of this tool is to stop the flow of electricity. Especially when the circuit breaker detects a current flowing through electrically conducting objects such as mild steel.

When the incident occurs, the electric circuit breaker can immediately work to cut off the electricity, thus preventing the friend from being electrocuted.

5. Use of Electric Fuse

Basically, a fuse or fuse is a device that serves to provide circuit protection due to overload, including short circuits.

When a short circuit occurs, in the presence of an electric fuse, the damaged circuit will be disconnected automatically by extinguishing it. So that the risk of short circuit and fire can be avoided.

Considering that this tool can only be used once for each operation because it is self-destructive, it needs to be replaced after use.

6. Turn Off/Disconnect Power

When you want to repair an electrical installation, it is best to cut off electricity so that you don't get electrocuted. Friends can remove the fuse or MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) at home.

If the electrical installation meets the requirements, it will actually not be a problem to carry out electrical repairs on buildings with light steel frames. However, be careful and make sure no wires are touched when starting work.

7. Mild Steel Quality

Not only electrical installations that must meet the requirements. According to the Chairman of the Indonesian Roll Former Association (ARFI), the choice of mild steel material must also be considered. Mild steel material must be correct. This means that the quality of the material must meet the standards, be labeled with SNI, or even have a guarantee.

8. Mild Steelwork Experience

Installation and workmanship of mild steel must be correct according to procedures. Support from certified and experienced light steel craftsmen to build construction before installing electrical installations in this case is very necessary.

As is known, the design of mild steel is different from wood. Therefore, the installation must be carried out carefully and the calculations must be correct so that it does not collapse or cause other hazards.


Basically, mild steel frame is a conductor or is a fairly good conductor of electricity. There is a risk of being electrocuted. But it's not the mild steel, but the electrical installation that may not be up to standard.

To prevent electrocution when going to repair electricity on mild steel construction, there are several things that need to be considered.

Among them are about the location of electrical installations, the use of cable wrapping, t-dus pipe for cable connections, fuses, circuit breakers, disconnecting electric currents, to choosing quality mild steel materials and selecting certified mild steel builders.

So this article, hopefully it can be useful and add insight to all of you.

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