Wall Hangings from Wood, Guaranteed to be Cool!

Wall Decorations from Wood – The house cannot be separated from the existence of an ornament. Whether it is placed in the corner of the room, table, or wall. But maybe there are readers who don't know that wood can be used as various wall decorations.

Before discussing wood wall decoration, you also need to know the various types of wood that are commonly used. Check out the following types of wood.

Teak wood


This type of wood is definitely not foreign to the ears, right, Ruppers. Known for its sturdiness and resistance to various threats from insects, weather, temperature. Because of these advantages, the price of this wood is relatively expensive, Ruppers, compared to other types of wood.



Unlike teak, mahogany is relatively cheap and easy to get. However, the lack of resistance to insects makes this a shortage of mahogany. This wood is malleable and usually reddish in color.

pine wood


Same with mahogany, pine wood also has a relatively cheap price. However, the resistance of wood to temperature changes, insects, and others makes this wood suitable as a material for indoor use. Usually light in color and used as minimalist furniture.

Merbau wood


For those of you who want to use teak wood but don't match the relatively expensive price, you can use merbau wood as an alternative. It is quite resistant to insects, temperature changes, mildew, but relatively not too expensive compared to teak wood, so it is suitable for those of you who want quality teak but on a low budget.

Discussing the types of wood, of course there are many more types of wood, especially in Indonesia. But in general, a lot of furniture that uses the type of wood as above.

Knowing several types of wood already, then what are the wall decorations made of wood? guaranteed to be cool. Check it out below.

Wall clock


The clock is the main thing on the walls of the house. In addition to its function as a time indicator, wall clocks can also be used as wall decorations. With wood material, making the clock durable when used and adding an artistic element to your room.

Kitchen set


Wow, that's really cool, Ruppers! Who would have thought that kitchen utensils could be used as wall decorations? Yep, you can hang a variety of kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, rolls for cake dough, spatulas, and other items. It's really Instagramable, Ruppers.

Hanging key holder


Sometimes keys are hard to find when you need them. Because it is small and often forgets to place it, it is necessary for you to have a hanging key holder. By sticking it on the wall, of course, makes it easier for you when looking for keys.

Hanging shelf


Wood as a very sturdy material is perfect for your furniture, especially shelves. Hanging shelves attached to the wall add a decorative accent to your room. The bottom of the shelf can be attached to a hanger so you can hang various items.

Wood carving display


Beautiful carvings on wood make the display has its own charm. This display can be placed anywhere and easy to get. The price also varies, ranging from cheap to expensive. Even in some Ruppers shops, it is allowed to request a form of display from the engraver.

Piece of wood


Only with pieces of wood can be used as wall decoration. Wood has many different patterns and shapes. Only by relying on the shape and pattern on the wood to make pieces of wood as wall decorations so as to make the wall look more unique and classic.

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