Chairs are one of the decorations that can beautify the terrace of the house. Imagine how beautiful your morning would be if you could relax on the terrace while sipping a cup of warm tea. The air is still cool and the atmosphere is so calm. The heart feels happy and the body becomes fresher to do all activities. To make this relaxing time more complete, you need a minimalist patio chair along with a table. Well, for those of you who are looking for a minimalist patio chair, this line of inspiration can be a preference. In choosing the chair, you can consider in terms of design, model, to size. Let's look at some chair references to beautify your home terrace

1. Minimalist Rattan Chair


Rattan chairs can be a further consideration. Rattan chairs are suitable for a minimalist terrace with all concepts, lo. For example, tropical concepts to classic terraces like this one. A minimalist terrace without a lot of furniture makes the atmosphere of the terrace feel slicker. In addition, the terrace also looks more natural, especially coupled with ornamental plant decorations. For a terrace with a minimalist design, at least provide two chairs and one table. But if it's not enough, then use a patio chair that is longer in size and fits two people. Also add a carpet made of rattan to sweeten the appearance of your terrace.

2. Rocking chairs on the terrace make you calm


Remember your grandfather's rocking chair? A rocking chair like that turns out to be cool as well as a minimalist patio chair. While enjoying the morning air, shake the chair to make it more relaxed. But be careful to go too far and go back to sleep, it's so delicious. Sounds fun, right? So don't just associate a rocking chair with grandparents, all ages can enjoy it. With the addition of pillow accessories on the rocking chair, it is guaranteed to add to your comfort when sitting and relaxing on the terrace while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee accompanied by your favorite signature snack. Hmm.. already imagined how comfortable huh!

3. White Wood Chair


The next inspiration is a wooden chair. This minimalist patio chair has a beautiful appearance. The model is also quite simple without excessive decoration. This chair can be placed on the terrace of the house with a size that is not too broad. For those of you who have a traditional or Scandinavian style terrace, it will be suitable to use a minimalist wooden patio chair like the example above. Choose a type of wood that can withstand all weather for a long time because this minimalist patio chair is placed outside. If you choose the wrong one, surely a minimalist patio chair will easily rot due to exposure to the sun and continuous rain. Tips for choosing the shape of a chair for your terrace is to choose a model that fits the size of your terrace, and don't forget to prioritize comfort and safety, okay :)

4. Patterned Patio Chairs


Wooden patio chairs can be combined with soft cushions with a black and white stripe design. Place two chairs in the middle of the terrace and place a table in between. If you feel there is still space, you can add a rattan patio chair with the same cushion. It doesn't matter if the chair's motif collides with the tiles or the color of the walls. As long as the placement is right and other decorations support it, the patio area still looks attractive. Don't be afraid to play with colors, express your creativity and character into your home according to the theme, which is certain as long as it's pleasing to the eye, whatever color is fine isn't it :)

5. Swing Type Patio Chair


Hanging patio chairs can be single or long models can be placed on a large or small terrace as long as the size is appropriate. For added comfort, you can put soft foam pads and small pillows on it. Not only for sitting around, this type of patio chair will also make you more comfortable when you are reading while lying down. This patio chair is suitable for those of you who have a fairly large terrace, or a minimalist terrace whose land is suitable to be given a swing-style long chair like this. Especially if you have children who like to play on the swing. Want to use it to swing two people or alone while lying down, it's just as fun. In hot weather, relax here to get a cool breeze. Wow, that's really great, this is not the idea of ​​a terrace chair :)

6. Vintage-style patio chairs, yes.


For those of you who like Vintage Style, you will definitely like this minimalist patio chair inspiration. Yes, like the picture above, this chair is very simple. Because it is made with a full iron support, this patio chair can be more durable and strong. For comfort, the two seats are made of foam covered with synthetic leather. To beautify its appearance, you can add cute patterned cushions and add other decorations such as small ornaments. With a budget that doesn't break your pocket, you can already enjoy the beauty and coolness of the air when relaxing on the terrace of the house by using this terrace chair.

Like whatever minimalist patio chair design you will choose, remember to always try it first and measure it well. Thus, you will get the right minimalist patio chair to relax in the morning or evening.

Okay, I hope this article is useful and good luck :). Don't forget to always make the concept of the house according to your character and budget