Good Dirty Kitchen Concept, Make Your Cooking Enjoy!


The existence of a dirty kitchen can give the occupants flexibility when cooking. A dirty kitchen is a kitchen space that functions to carry out 'heavy' cooking activities. So, it is intended for cooking on a large scale, so there is no need to worry if the kitchen is dirty. The dirty kitchen itself is usually designed and placed in an invisible part of the living room or main room. Usually, residential owners will take advantage of the back porch or patio to make the kitchen dirty. Well, for those of you who are interested in presenting a dirty kitchen behind the house, this time we have prepared some examples of dirty kitchen design inspiration that can be applied in your home. Like what, huh? Come on, see below!

1. Rustic Dirty Kitchen

For those of you who have limited space, this tiny dirty kitchen can be your inspiration. The rustic theme with a combination of wood elements on the cabinet and unfinished-style cement on the surface of the kitchen table makes this dirty kitchen have its own unique sensation and impression that will make you feel at home for long to cook. Although small, this dirty kitchen is also equipped with a kitchen cupboard for storing groceries and a sink for washing groceries. Don't forget the mini kitchen bar to put ready-made food. You can also add green plants in some corners of the kitchen to create a beautiful atmosphere. This dirty kitchen is very special, right?

2. Unfinished Dirty Kitchen

For those of you who have limited budget and space, maybe this dirty design can help. The theme of wood and unfinished cement on the dirty kitchen walls will emit its own unique sensation. Don't forget the mini kitchen bar to put ready-made food. You can also add green plants in some corners of the kitchen to create a beautiful atmosphere. What a special design, huh?

3. Unique Patio Dirty Kitchen

This dirty kitchen has a warm feel like a European-style house design that is on a patio or open porch at the back of the house. Equipped with an unpolished wooden frame to decorate the kitchen. In addition to functioning as a dirty kitchen, this kitchen can also be used as a gathering place with family for barbecue parties at home.

4. Dirty Kitchen Corner behind the House

This dirty kitchen takes advantage of the unused back hallway of the house. This dirty kitchen has a minimalist kitchen design concept using a backsplash house wall. Don't forget the most important part of a dirty kitchen, namely a simple kitchen island consisting of a dishwasher and a toaster. If there is more space, add a dining table so that you and your family can immediately eat food while relaxing behind the house.

5. Dirty Kitchen Corners

Have a narrow space at home, but want to make a comfortable dirty kitchen? Just make it an outdoor design. If the remaining land in the corner of the land with a square shape, then make a room that is free enough to move.

Place the cooking utensils following the rest of the room by following the shape of the room. In the middle, leave blank for a place for us to walk freely in the dirty kitchen.

One of the advantages of an outdoor dirty kitchen design is good air circulation. That way, the heat when cooking will not be so pronounced.

6. Outdoor Dirty Kitchen Extends

Remaining long land in the backyard? This can be used for a dirty kitchen, you know. Place the cooking utensils lengthwise, following the remaining space. Then it can be used as a useful outdoor dirty kitchen. Since it is outdoors, don't forget to protect the kitchen. Cover the front and top of the perfect kitchen. So that if it rains or strong winds, the condition of the kitchen remains safe. Cooking utensils can also be protected. Which design will you choose? Make sure it fits your wants and needs. And to determine which dirty kitchen design choice is the best, you can see from the shape of the room you provide for a dirty kitchen. Remember, dirty kitchen designs are more concerned with functionality than shape. Whether it's open, semi-open, elongated or square, just choose the one that suits your needs.

Hopefully this article is useful and good luck :)

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