Water Fountain Design Inspiration For Home, Cooling The Heart And Mind!


Who feels refreshed when they see a fountain? Yes, it feels like stress at work disappears instantly, doesn't it? Here are some inspirations for garden fountains that can be applied at home. The attractive design of the fountain plus the gurgling sound produced, can be a stress reliever, lo. Decorating the house in an instant can repel the arid feeling as well as an effective decoration. Moreover, water is an element that cannot be separated from human life, even being a source of life. The existence of a garden fountain can be integrated into a minimalist home and become a home cooling element. However, there are still many people who are reluctant to include a terrace fountain in their design. The reasons range from the limited time to care for it, to the narrow land. Fountains can be a natural element that is synonymous with a sense of calm. There are also benefits of air humidity to harmony that you can get. So, let's just complete the house with the following 6 fountain designs!

1. Mini Fountain shaped Landscape


This minimalist fountain looks modern adorning the outside of the house. The shape is not too decorative, but is a unity of the existing order for the sake of a beautiful garden landscape. This minimalist fountain design is made by one of the landscape architects from Los Angeles, it can really be used as a minimalist fountain design idea for your home. So very minimalist, right? So for those of you who don't have too much land but want to make a fountain to complement your garden at home, you can use this inspiration. It's cute :)

2. Shower Fountain


For residences that have enough space in the garden, you can adapt a minimalist garden fountain with a shower model. This type of fountain is also suitable to be placed if you have children. They will love to play in the garden. But if you only use it as a decoration, you can place rocks so that children can't play there. The photo above is really a pleasant sight in the front yard, huh? The sound of water coming down from above and then falling onto the natural stone will refresh the soul and eyes of anyone who sees it. This spot can be a fun resting place for family members.

3. Ball Fountain


For those of you who like eccentric minimalist architectural designs, you may try to find a minimalist fountain with a round appearance like an elegant bowling ball. With a solid gold color, this minimalist fountain is placed on a tubular platform that has been laid out with natural stone. The shape of this minimalist fountain can be simple, but it is quite different from the usual minimalist fountain design. Giving something unique at home can be a mood bosser when we are at home, for those of you who are busy with office activities outside, this will definitely be very helpful because it can relieve fatigue by listening to the sound of splashing water in the fountain.

4. Mini Bamboo Fountain


Are you a homeowner who likes a rural atmosphere? The countryside is usually attached to bamboo material. Try to make a mini garden fountain out of bamboo which is relatively easy to make. Combine bamboo pipes with clay jars to accentuate elegance and simplicity. The fountain will descend from the arrangement of mini bamboo pipes that flow into a large clay jar. Very suitable as a beautiful garden decoration at home!

5. DIY Minimalist Fountain


For a more futuristic residence, you can present a minimalist fountain model that you make yourself or commonly called DIY (do it yourself). DIY fountains will certainly look more unique than other types of fountains because the majority use materials that are often found everyday or used goods. Just let's practice your creativity! Utilizing the empty side of the ladder, install an electric power pump for the source of the shower. To hide the mess of wires, you can use objects such as large natural stones, or also plant watering pots such as the cute minimalist fountain inspiration above.

6. Waterfall in the form of Balongan


If you plan to decorate a waterfall in a limited space, ballooning media can be an interesting example to apply at home. Because, this balloon shape tends to be simpler and very easy to apply. In addition, the aesthetic factor in the water also gives a feel that looks beautiful and soothing when you hear the flow of the water. Of course, this type of fountain is recommended for those of you who have a large enough garden, both in front of the house and behind the house. This fountain design is suitable for both applications.

Well, it's funny and unique, isn't it the fountain design inspiration above? Hopefully you are all inspired, don't forget to make sure to make one that fits your budget, especially match it back with the land you will use. Hope this article is useful and good luck :)

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