5 Examples of One-Side Sloping Roof Construction Designs, Take a Peek!

One-sided sloping roof construction - At this time a new style of roof construction is starting to appear in Indonesia. The new roof model was adopted from the style of the roof of the house from abroad. Because of its unique design, the roof looks different from other roof models in our country.

As we have seen, the general roof model in Indonesia is generally in the form of a two-sided (saddle), a triangular model, and the shape of a joglo house roof. That's how most Indonesian roof models, since ancient times until now.

Then, what is the model of the roof of the house which is still relatively new?

The answer is the one-sided sloping roof construction form.

The one-sided sloping roof model is very attractive because the design is considered modern and contemporary. This assumption is supported by facts; many clusters and luxury housing in big cities that apply the one-sided sloping roof design style.

If many luxury housing clusters use the one-sided roof style, then the question arises:

"Can the general public apply the roof model?"

The answer: Yes of course you can! After all, who is forbidden? ️

However, this one-sided sloping roof construction model is considered more suitable to be applied to permanent house buildings. This means that it is more suitable to be applied to house buildings made of concrete.

What about houses that are mostly made of wood? Can this sloping roof model also be applied?

If you ask the question whether it is possible or not, yes of course it is possible. Because the owner of the house is free and has the right to make his house like any model. However, the roof of this house tends to be considered more suitable to be applied to permanent buildings.

What is the reason?

Because many permanent houses in Indonesia that we find use this one-sided sloping roof model. Usually there are many in luxury housing complexes. See an example in the illustration photo below.


On the other hand, it is very rare to find wooden houses in Indonesia that use a one-sided sloping roof. Most wooden houses in Indonesia use a gable or joglo roof model.

Finally, it makes this sloping roof seem to be identical as a luxury house roof model. In fact, in their home countries (Europe and America), there are many wooden houses that use a sloping roof model. But that's how it is. Different countries, the application will be different from the country of origin.

So it is not surprising that this sloping roof model has become an inspiration to realize a dream house. Moreover, the sloping roof design is still rarely used by Indonesians. So of course a house will look different when applying this roof style. So it looks unique and cooler. 😊

If you are interested in applying this one-sided sloping roof construction to your home, then here are some examples. Who knows there is one of the models that inspires. You are free to apply the sloping roof model below on a permanent house (concrete), or on your wooden house.

Let's see the description to the end.


1. The Lilypad

Illustration. Photo by : Poppytalk.com

This residence with The Lilypad model is very impressive with one sloping roof. Especially being in a wide expanse. The natural beauty that blends with the design of this house is very beautiful and has high artistic value. The color given to this house is also very supportive of the state of the environment.

At this time, a house model like this is the subject of discussion in making an elite and luxurious house. If you want a comfortable residence without a lot of room, then the concept of a house on The Lilypad can be used as inspiration.

2. 12 Mountain-Cabin House

Illustration. Photo by : Behance.net

Having a house that is in the highlands seems very pleasant. Like the attractive design of the 12 Mountain-Cabin House, it combines a friendly, cool, and calm mountain atmosphere. The good shape of this small house can be used as inspiration in building a simple house.

At this time there are many home models like this, because they seem very minimalist and ideal. The materials used to make the cabin are also very strong and look better than the tile roofs that are usually used. The shape of the house with a one-sided sloping roof provides comfort for its residents.

3. Kontio Glass House

Illustration. Photo by : Kontio.com

This Kontio Glass House model house is not much different from the 12 Mountain-Cabin House, only the materials used are very different. Interestingly, this construction model is often encountered today. The material is made from a strong mix of wood, making it blend with nature. Looks very simple, but very beautiful.

Construction like this is great for coastal areas. This is because there are support legs in the design of this house which makes it avoid high puddles of water. Many subtle modifications can be made to beautify the house with this design.

4. Sommerhaus PIU 120

Illustration. Photo by : Homify.ru

This house with a one-sided sloping roof construction is the most interesting of all. The motifs given to these houses are very impressive and make them look elegant. Anyone who sees this design will definitely be fascinated and really want to have a home like this.

Moreover, the vast expanse that surrounds the house makes this construction charming and looks comfortable to live in. This design gives a solid impression to the building. Interestingly the colors used blend together, so that it looks luxurious.

5. Small Spaces Big on Design

Illustration. Photo by : Drakekhan.com

Unique, charming, elegant, and minimalist are words that can describe a house as good as this Small Space Big on Design. For small families who don't really need a lot of room, this house model is very suitable. Moreover, the given design makes this house seem bigger and more attractive.

The wood that adorns this house makes it one with nature. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, but want this super comfortable home, you can take advantage of this design. Creative ideas will emerge when you see the house as a very interesting place to live.

Those are very interesting house designs to be used as house ideas with one-sided sloping roof construction to make it look elegant. The form of a house that is easy to imitate will not make it difficult for anyone who wants to make a model of their dream house like this.

Hope it is useful.

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