5 These Room Roof Decorations Are Very Unique! (Can Be Imitated)

Lately, the style of home interior design looks more and more diverse. Many new interior design ideas appear that were previously rare. It may even have never existed before.

Usually the new ideas come from people who have a hobby with the art of design and building architecture. They often do experiments (experiments) with the hobby. And the "guinea pig victim" of his hobby is his own house. (Yes, yes, yes, someone else's house? Hehe ).

They are free to be creative as much as they want in order to channel their hobby. From that limitless creativity then gave birth to a new unique design model. So that it makes the design of the house look very different from other people's homes.

Well, one part of the house that is often the subject of experimentation is designing the roof decoration of the room.

There are several results of the latest room roof decorations which according to the author are very unique and very cool. So that the decoration is worthy of your adoption of the model (as inspiration). Later you can develop the design again according to your own creativity.

What are the unique room roof decoration models?

Let's look at some of them below.


1. Futsal Field Style Design

Illustration. Photo by : Pinterest

For the occupants of a teenage boy's room, it may be suitable to use a design like this. Its sporty appearance can reflect the relaxed and stylish personality of young men. To add a cheerful impression, choose brown or brick colors for knick-knacks in the room.

As shown in the picture, the floor is made of brown color which is made to match the color of the doors, frames, and chairs. The roof of this futsal field model is intentionally made not to completely cover the roof surface of the room. White empty space is still left, so it doesn't look too monotonous.

2. Bohemian Design with Mosquito Nets

Illustration. Photo by : Pinterest

Rooms can also be decorated with a bohemian theme. The trick is to do something on the roof of the room like in the picture. The roof can be added with fabrics so that it looks like a mosquito net. Putting on such a cloth is not difficult at all.

Just simply hang the fabric from the ceiling using nails. Arrange in such a way that it looks more aesthetic. Don't forget to add a chandelier or other accessories as a complement. You can also install decorative lights or a tumblr on one side of the room. So that at night the glow looks better when seen.

3. Given a Wood Accent

Illustration. Photo by : Decoist.com

Giving a natural impression to the room can be done by choosing the right roof design. For example, as in the picture. The roof of the room can be designed with a touch of wood. The shape of the roof was deliberately made not flat like in general. However, it tends to resemble a triangular shape so that it seems unique and different.

To make it more interesting, choose pastel colors for items in the room. Starting from shelves, beds, blankets, and window frames. Do not forget to provide good lighting. Add a wide window on one side of the room. Can also be given decorative lights along the bed as lighting at night.

4. Cheerful Painting Room Roof

Illustration. Photo by : Pinterest

If it was discussed earlier about the recommendations for decorating the roof of a teenage boy's room, this time it's for teenage girls. Designs like the one in the picture can be used for inspiration. The roof can be given an abstract painting of circles of various sizes. Don't forget to give a special color for girls. For example, such as pink, light green, light blue, and others.

In order not to be too stiff, paint with the same picture on one side of the room wall. Indeed such an image is not too complicated and simple. However, if combined with the appropriate room interior, it will definitely look beautiful.

Try making a roof with a circular design that still leaves space next to it. That way the roof can look unique and cheerful, typical of girls.

5. Stripes

Illustration. Photo by : Pinterest

In order to present the impression of a unique but simple room, it is actually easy. For example, by making a roof design using a striped motif as shown in the picture. Try placing a chandelier in the middle of the roof for lighting at night as well as accessories.

The choice of color must be right. If you want to give a fresh impression, just choose a light green color with white interspersed as in the picture. For the color of all the interiors in the room, just adjust it so it looks more attractive.

Those are the top 5 inspirations for the best room roof decorations. For those who are still confused about decorating the bedroom roof, the examples above can be the best reference sources. Make the feel of the room as comfortable as possible by choosing one of these roof designs.

Hopefully it can be useful.

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