7 Examples of Skylight Roof Construction, Benefits and Pros

Skylight roof construction - Do you know what a skylight roof is? Some Indonesians may still feel foreign or have just heard about the term skylight roof.

Skylight roof if translated in simple language, more or less means a glass roof. So this is a kind of roof made of glass which has the main function of holding back rainwater, as well as so that sunlight can freely radiate into the house.

Benefits and Advantages of Skylight Roof Construction

This skylight roof has several benefits.

Here are some of them:

Beautify Home Interior Design

If you look at the benefits from the side of interior art, then this skylight roof will make your home look more modern and elegant.

Because the skylight roof model actually comes from the style of the house that is abroad (especially in America and Europe).

While in Indonesia, it is still rare for people to use this type of roof. So if you apply this roof model, of course your house will look unique and different from other houses.

Health Benefits

If you look at the benefits in terms of health, then this roof model is clearly very useful.

With this skylight roof, the sun's rays can spread to almost all parts of the house.

So during the day your home room will get natural light from nature, and only a few rooms use lamp light.

Usually those who get sunlight are living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and warehouses. Meanwhile, those who still use the light are usually the bathroom.

Home Air So Fresh

Another benefit of this skylight roof is that it can make the room of the house healthy and the air fresh. This is because sunlight can neutralize the humidity in the room.

Of course we all know a humid room can be a hotbed of mold and germs. Well, because a house with a skylight roof always gets an outpouring of sunlight throughout the day, of course the room will be healthy. Because germs and fungi will not withstand exposure to sunlight for a long time.

Can See the Sky View

The advantages of this skylight roof are; the owner of the house can see the beauty of the sky when the weather is sunny. The occupants of the house can see the clouds moving slowly through the transparent roof glass (during the day). And the beautiful light of millions of stars that twinkle at night.

The point is this skylight roof is cool and really recommended!

So, are you interested in installing this skylight roof construction on your home?

If so, then let's look at some examples of skylight roof construction drawings below. You can choose one of the most preferred models, and then apply it to your home.

Just watch it to the end.


1. Ventilation Skylight Roof Construction

Ilustrasi. Foto by : Building-supplies-online.co.uk

This roof construction prioritizes lighting that is naturally exposed to sunlight. Placement like a window with a larger size. This skylight is equipped with a remote control that will close automatically. So there is no need to worry if someone tries to enter the house without permission.

2. Fixed Skylight Roof Construction

Ilustrasi. Foto by : Velux.com

Usually this roof construction is used in multi-story houses. This roof is used by placing skylights right on the highest floor so you can enjoy the view, especially at night.

However, these skylights are not like construction or ventilation skylights that can be opened remotely. Even so, skylights are still very suitable for those who have a love for sky views.

3. Skylights with Tubular Type

Ilustrasi. Foto by : Hometips.com

When compared to other large roof constructions, tubular skylights are relatively smaller with a size of only about 10-14 inches. Even so, this skylight actually has its own advantage, which is that it can reduce the sun's rays on a hot day.

4. Roof Construction with Wood Material

Ilustrasi. Foto by : Hometips.com

The next example of skylight roof construction is using wood material. The skylight roof design using wood can also be made with an elegant shape, according to the interior that adorns the room.

5. Pyramid Skylight Roof Shape

Ilustrasi. Foto by : Pinterest

Skylights have many kinds that make skylights popular for people who have a love of art.

The shape of the skylight roof that resembles a pyramid can be placed in the lounge or family room. Agar can be used to refresh the mind by gazing at the view of the sky (during a clear day and night).

6. Dome-Shaped Skylights

Ilustrasi. Foto by : Davisandburns (Instagram).

This type of roof is often used in places of worship or meeting places, although it is not uncommon for luxury homes to use it. Not only does it give a beautiful impression when installed, dome skylights can also expose the sun's rays well throughout the room.

So with this skylight, the room saves electricity use because it doesn't need lights. At night it will be even more beautiful with views of the night sky.

7. Skylight with Tempered Glass Material

Ilustrasi. Foto by : Fakrousa.com

Unlike glass in general, tempered glass has a stronger resistance, especially its resistance to fire. With a thickness of up to 5 times that of ordinary glass, this type of skylight is impact resistant and not easily broken. So it is safe for the occupants of the house below.

That's above 7 examples of skylight roof construction drawings that you need to know.

Before installing the skylight roof construction, then consider the state of the house construction with the type of skylight roof. So that the results can match and match. This will greatly affect, both in terms of the beauty of the house and the construction of the building.

If you don't understand which skylight roof construction model is most suitable for your home, then you should first consult with the experts. So that the best skylight roof can be produced for your home. Good luck!

Hopefully the above information can be useful.

Don't forget to stay tuned for the next interesting article. ️

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