8 Kinds of Examples of Galvalume Roof Houses and Their Advantages

Example of a galvalume roof house - Do you know what a galvalume roof is? This is a kind of roof made of metal / metal. Most lay people call it a mild steel roof.

The term "galvalume" itself is a combination of the words galvanized and aluminum.

This type of roof has long been popular abroad. But recently, galvalume roofs have also been widely used by Indonesians. Most of its users are in urban communities. Galvalume roofs are often found in buildings in residential complexes. But there are also the general public who use it (private houses located outside the complex).

There are galvalume roofs that are plain white, gray, and other colors.

Let's see the following photos.

1. White Galvalume

Plain white galvalume roof illustration.

For a plain white galvalume roof, see the example below.

2. Gray Galvalume Roof.

Illustration of a gray galvalume roof.

See the photo below.

3. Colored Galvalume Roof

Illustration of a blue galvalume roof.

One of them is the blue galvalume roof below.

In essence, the presence of this galvalume roof began to shift the existence of the roof from a wooden frame with clay or asbestos roof tiles. Of course we all know that wooden truss roofs, clay tiles and asbestos have been commonly used by Indonesian people since ancient times.

Well, now the galvalume roof has come to decorate the roofs of houses in our country. Some use it for the main roof (the whole house is as shown in the photos above). And there are also those who use it as part of the roof of the terrace of the house (there will be photos at the bottom).

Then, what are the advantages of this galvalume roof that many people are starting to choose?

The advantages of galvalume roofs include the following:

The main advantages of galvalume are its strong, not easy to rust and anti-termite.

Thus making this type of galvalume roof more durable. In stark contrast to wood frames, clay tiles and asbestos which are not resistant to termites and impacts. Clay and asbestos tiles can break on impact, while galvalume does not.

The weight of the frame is lighter.

Maybe this is what makes galvalume roofs called mild steel. Because it is lighter in weight than a wooden frame. See the photo illustration of the light steel frame below.


This light weight makes the galvalume roof safe for other building foundations (not easy to collapse).

The appearance of the roof seems more unique, cool and contemporary.

Indeed, this is relative, because the assessment of each person can be different. However, because the use of this galvalume roof is not as much as asbestos and clay tiles, making it look more unique and contemporary.

Well, are you interested in trying to use this type of galvalume roof? Both for the entire roof of the house, as well as for the terrace only. If so, let's see the next discussion below.

Because previously I have attached an example of the roof of the house (as a whole), so here is my turn to attach an example for the roof of the terrace.

Keep on reading to the end.


1. Galvanized Holow Canopy

Ilustrasi. Foto by : Kanopigarasi.wordpress.com

In this galvalume is used on the front of the house, precisely the use of this roof is usually for a parking lot. It is not uncommon for this type of galvalume model to be found in various open places. This is because of the strength of this material to withstand the heat and cold of the season, yet it is strong and does not crack.

Moreover, the presence of this galvalume roof makes a house seem minimalist and luxurious. The beauty of this material does attract a lot of attention, almost all people like this material. The color on the galvalume is also neutral, so it can blend with various colors on the walls of the house.

2. Canopy House

Ilustrasi. Foto by : Thailetgo.com

As can be seen in the picture, the galvalume roof used here is placed on the terrace of the house. Laying this roof makes the house more charming and looks more sturdy. Various colors can be poured on this galvalume roof to make it seem more attractive and refresh the eyes as desired.

The iron used as a support for this galvalume roof must also be strong and have the right thickness according to the size of the roof. This cannot be underestimated, because galvalume cannot stand firmly without a strong support.

3. Metal Pergolas

Ilustrasi. Foto by : Pergolas-plus.com.au

The shape used is the same as the others, but this type of galvalume is very good for use in places where the temperature is not normal. In winter, this roof will make the room temperature under the roof not too cold. On the other hand, if the temperature is hot, the air under the roof is not too hot.

In a minimalist home design, it is very suitable to use this roof to decorate the roof around the house. This roof will give a simple impression with a modern style. In the example of this galvalume roof house, it is very inspiring to make a pleasant dwelling.

4. Minimalist Galvalume

Ilustrasi. Foto by : Pinterest

In this one roof model, it is placed on the terrace of the house and looks so amazing. The right combination of designs looks fashionable according to the example. The shape of the galvalume roof is also very minimalist and makes this roofed house look modern.

Many houses currently use minimalist galvalume in designing their homes to make them seem modern. Roof models like this can be used as inspiration to make a very attractive dwelling.

5. Minimalist Home Terrace Roof


If you want a minimalist home design, you can make a galvalume roof as a complement to the roof of the terrace or front of the house. This galvalume roof with an iron frame is very attractive to be placed on the outside of the house.

Interestingly, the size of this roof can be adjusted according to existing needs. Unique ideas can also be developed to decorate this galvalume roof. This is to make it seem cooler by adjusting the position of the roof on the exterior of the house.

That is a brief explanation of an example of a galvalume roof house that can be used as a reference for designing a roof. Interesting things from the examples given make anyone who sees it imagine to create each model according to their wishes and needs.

Hopefully useful and see you again in the next interesting article.

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