These 7 Clear Canopy Roofs Are Recommended For You

Clear canopy roof - Are you planning to renovate the canopy roof in your home? Or even want to make a new canopy roof? Then there is one type of roof that is worth recommending to you.

What's that?

Namely the type of clear canopy roof.

Then, why is this clear canopy roof worth recommending? What is the reason?

Transparent roofs are indeed quite a lot of people choose when making a canopy at their house.

There are several factors that make this type of roof chosen. Among them because it can make the terrace of the house look brighter. This is due to the transparent surface of the roof. So that some sunlight can still penetrate through the surface of the canopy.

See an example in the illustration photo below.

Illustration. Photo by :

So this clear canopy roof's main function is to withstand rainfall. While other functions are more intended for aesthetic value, namely so that the terrace of the house looks brighter.

In addition, these clear roofs are generally made of glass, alsynite, solartuff, etc. whose surface looks clean and clear. So that the shape looks more attractive than other types of canopy roofs.

However, if your main goal is to keep out rain and sunlight (so that it doesn't penetrate directly into the terrace), then this clear canopy roof is not for you. Choose the type of canopy roof that can withstand the sun. For example, those made of metal (aluminum and zinc), UPVC, ondulen, etc.

So you should make sure what your initial goal is to make a canopy roof first. So, if your goal is to hold rainwater while at the same time beautify the appearance of the terrace of the house, then this type of clear canopy roof is suitable for you to choose.

This clear canopy roof itself also has quite a lot of model variants. So you can choose the model that best suits your home building style.

When choosing this clear roof model, you don't need to be too hasty to decide. You can first observe the examples of the model. Now, after it is felt that there is the most suitable model, then it is chosen to be installed on the terrace of your house.

Then what are the examples of the clear canopy roof? Here are some of them.

Let's continue to watch until the end.


1. EZ-Lock Roof

Illustration. Photo by :

This roof is one of the clear roofs that can be used. Usually this clear roof can be used for the terrace house. The shape of the EZ-lock clear canopy roof has a rectangular shape with a clear color. In addition, using this roof is quite a lot of benefits.

Please note that this roof is also able to protect you from the effects of UV (ultra (violet) rays. So you can avoid the elements of sunlight that are harmful to the skin. In addition, this roof also has a transparent variant so it does not have a striking color. Moreover, this roof classified as durable.

Usually the age of this one roof can be up to 10 years.

2. Twinlite Gen 2.0

Illustration. Photo by : Tokopedia

Then there is also this second roof called Twinlite Gen 2.0. This roof can also be a solution when you are looking for a transparent roof. This roof is more durable because it usually has a long life (if it is estimated that it can last about 15 years). In addition, there are many materials that can be used in the manufacture of this gen 2.0 twinlite roof.

3. Solartuff

Illustration. Photo by :

If this one roof has a square shape, this roof is suitable for homes that have a large terrace. Not only that, this roof can also be used for those whose house is flat or wavy. In addition, the service life is also quite long, about 15 years, so it can save costs later.

4. Alsynite

Illustration. Photo by :

This time there is a roof called Alsynite, this type of roof can be used for the roof of the house. Usually it has a long service life compared to other roofs. Even if it is estimated at least 10 years and can be up to 25 years. Moreover, the material is also transparent so it is easy to see something.

5. Lasercool

Illustration. Photo by :

Furthermore, there is also a Lasercool canopy roof. This roof has a basic material made of high quality vinyl roofing sheet. In addition, Lasercool is a roof that has a transparent color. There are roofs that are transparent (clear), and some are in the form of various colors.

6. Alderon


Then there is also the next roof, namely Alderon. This one roof can also be used as an inspiration. Not only that, this roof also has direct protection from ultra violet rays, so it is very safe for your family. In addition, the durability of this roof is also quite long, which is about 10 years.

7. Glass

Illustration. Photo by :

Finally, there is a clear roof with glass. The material itself is definitely transparent, especially if you choose a clear glass model. Usually this glass roof can be one of the main choices.

By using this glass roof, you will feel many benefits later. One of the benefits is that your terrace will be healthier. Because sunlight can enter the yard of your house.

Those are some of the recommendations for a clear canopy roof. Hopefully it can be an inspiration for all of you. Hopefully useful and see you again in the next interesting article.

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