5 Beautiful and Attractive 3x3 Bedroom Decorations, Take a Peek!

3x3 bedroom decor - Everyone will agree that the bedroom is the most comfortable place. One of the rooms of this house is the most ideal location to rest (sleep) and relax (me time).

The bedroom is also the most appropriate place to do tasks that require quiet (in order to focus). Such as doing homework (for students), or completing the rest of the office work (for civil servants and employees). Based on all these facts, the bedroom is a private space whose function is very important for someone.

Because the function of a room is so important, the design must be able to provide comfort for the occupants. But what if the room is small? There are quite a few people who only have a room measuring 3x3 meters.

So, what kind of design should be done so that the small room can provide comfort?

And how to decorate a 3x3 bedroom to make it look attractive?

Don't worry, if you only have a bedroom measuring 3x3 meters, it can still be designed to be more attractive and comfortable. The key is in your creativity in designing and decorating. To help you, here I will give some examples of designs for small rooms.

Let's just take a look at the 5 beautiful and attractive 3x3 bedroom decorations below.


1. 3x3 Room Decoration with Large Window and Curtains

Having a room with a size of 3x3 does seem narrow and limited. Even so, the size of this room can still provide comfort if it is arranged with an attractive design and decor.

One of the decorations that should be added in this room is the bedroom window and curtains.

See one example in the photo below.


Then, what is the function of the bedroom window?

Of course there are many functions. For example, with a window, it allows sunlight to enter the room so that it will create the feel of a room that is bright and not stuffy. In addition, the presence of windows and curtains will make the view of the room look wider.

2. 3x3 Bedroom Design with Large Mirror

Mirror is a piece of equipment that is needed by everyone. The existence of a mirror usually serves to see the appearance when dressing. Well, this time the mirror is one of the recommended decorations to be placed in a 3x3 bedroom.

Then what's the point of placing it on the wall of the room? Because the reflection from this mirror will create the illusion as if the room looks bigger. Please see an example below.


The mirror that can be placed in this room actually depends on taste. For example, you can use a mirror the size of a wall, a mirror as high as an adult, or a small mirror attached to the wall.

3. 3x3 Bedroom Decoration with Headboard

Owners of bedrooms with a size of 3x3 usually prefer to apply a simple design but look elegant. The reason is that a room of this size will feel cramped if there are too many knick-knacks.

So, to outsmart an efficient decor to apply, use a headboard that has a fairly large size. An example is a tufted pad that can be used to lean a pillow. See the photo illustration below.


The existence of the headboard will of course be very useful to support rest activities. Especially if its presence is combined with sheets and pillows with bright and matching colors.

4. 3x3 Bedroom Decoration with Beautiful Multifunctional Furniture Concept

It is undeniable that often owners of a 3x3 bedroom feel confused about putting their belongings. This happens because the concept of limited space. So, to anticipate this, you can use room decorations using multifunctional furniture.

See an example in the photo below.


There are several choices of furniture that can be applied to this 3x3 size room. For example, a bed that is one with storage cabinet drawers, a study table, a nightstand and a small bookcase attached to the table.

5. Decorate 3x3 Room With Beautiful Photo Collection

In addition to implementing multifunctional furniture decorations to facilitate activities such as studying or putting things in, decorating a 3x3 room by adding interesting photos on the wall can also be the right choice.

Because with these photos, the atmosphere of the room will become more lively and more colorful. Take a look at one example in the illustration photo below.

Illustration. Photo by : Dekoruma.com

Choose memorable photos, whether it's on vacation, or photos together with friends, then hang them on the wall in a row or hang. This decoration is certainly very cool if applied.

Thus some reviews about the 5 beautiful and attractive 3x3 bedroom decorations. So, even though the room has a narrow space, applying an attractive decor will still make it beautiful and comfortable.

Hopefully the above review can be useful yes. ️

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