5 Minimalist Home Ceiling Forms You Can Choose

Minimalist house ceiling shape - Do you have a plan or are you even building a house? Now when you design the interior design of the house, the ceiling model is one of the important parts that you must pay attention to.

This ceiling includes the finishing part when building a house. So it will be installed when the foundation and all building structures have been completed. Therefore you can think about the ceiling model from the start (before building work). Or you can just choose the ceiling model later. All up to you.

If it's your first time building a house, then you really need information about the most appropriate form of minimalist home ceiling (as a reference).

This is very important for you to pay attention to, so you don't choose the wrong ceiling model that doesn't match the style of your home.

By using the right ceiling model, your home will look more attractive, elegant, and even seem luxurious. Because the ceiling has been proven to have a major influence on the aesthetic value of a house.

Because of the importance of the function and aesthetic value of this ceiling, it is not surprising that on the market there are many various ceiling materials circulating. So you can choose the ceiling material you want. Among the famous ceiling materials, for example: GRC, PVC, gypsum, plasterboard, kalsiboard, plywood, etc.

From the various basic ceiling materials, various creations and models of home ceilings have emerged that have been popular in Indonesian society.

So, do you want to know what the popular ceiling models and shapes are? Here are various forms of minimalist home ceilings for you.


1. Patterned House Ceiling

The shape of the ceiling that has a pattern can be a solution for people who are bored with a simple ceiling. Although some people still think this ceiling is simple, this form of ceiling has an attractive and aesthetic model. Suitable for use as a choice for a minimalist home ceiling shape.

See an example of a ceiling in the form of a flower pattern below.


Homeowners can design and make patterns according to their respective creativity. The shapes that can be chosen also vary from regular to irregular. By designing according to the imagination of the homeowner, the ceiling will be different from the ceiling on the market.

2. Ceiling with Hanging Ornaments

Ceiling with a form that has hanging ornaments consists of two layers of ceiling. The first layer contains the ceiling itself, while the second layer contains various ornament hangers. Homeowners can install various ornaments according to their wishes that can beautify the living room. See an example below.


Of the various hanging ornaments that exist, usually made of wood, metal, and other materials. Also make sure the distance between the ceiling and the floor is not too close and the hanging ornaments are not too many. So that it does not endanger the occupants of the house.

3. Round Ceiling

The next minimalist home ceiling shape is a round model that surrounds the entire room. If the homeowner has a room with a round shape, this ceiling is suitable for that room.

See an example below.


To add a beautiful impression to this ceiling, then you can add a beautiful chandelier. By arranging several lights into a beautiful decoration, it will make the ceiling of the house look more attractive and pleasing to the eye.

4. Ceiling from Gypsum

One of the choices of materials that can be used to make ceilings is Gypsum. By using a ceiling made of gypsum, the house will have a luxurious and elegant effect.

See the photo illustration below.


In order for the luxurious impression brought by the ceiling to radiate, homeowners can add accessories such as chandeliers.

The characteristics possessed by this ceiling are that it can be made in the form of a drop up ceiling or better known as stacked. Or it can also be made in the form of a dome or dome.

5. Wooden Ceiling

In addition to being made of Gypsum, the shape of a minimalist home ceiling can also be made of wood which makes the house look more natural. To add to the impression of a more dominant wood, homeowners can use this ceiling throughout the room.

See one example below.


Plus, wood can be used in addition to the roof or ceiling, it can also be used as a wall for a minimalist home. In order to have a more different appearance than most wooden ceilings, homeowners can form wood for the ceiling with beams.

So first the information about some forms of minimalist home ceilings that can make the house seem more luxurious and attractive. With the right selection and use, the ceiling can make the room look more beautiful and comfortable when used.

Thus the information about several ceiling forms that can be chosen according to your taste. Hopefully this short article can be useful, and see you again in the next interesting article.

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