Gazebo Design Ideas With Modern Concepts


Gazebo is an open building, which is usually built with wood. This gazebo is used to gather with family, often also used to decorate the backyard, garden or pond. There are several gazebo designs that can be used as references for those of you who are looking for gazebo ideas with modern concepts.

Simple Elegant


This gazebo has a simple look but still looks modern. Overall this gazebo was built using wood. Starting from the gazebo floor with a fairly wide square shape. then a wooden wall built in two parts only. As for the other parts, only poles are built, so this gazebo has an open look. On the roof also uses a flat which is also made of wood. Inside the gazebo there is a sofa with letter L with a square table in the middle of the gazebo. As lighting at night there are two lamps attached to the wall. The natural wood brown color and black accents used in the gazebo building make it look elegant.

Unique Shape


The gazebo design often has a unique shape. As in the design of this gazebo which was built on a land that is not too wide. This gazebo is built in the form of a cube with wood material. However, not all sides are covered with wood. On the two sides are left open, as access in and out of the gazebo with a circular shape. Inside the gazebo there is a letter L sofa with backrest and sofa cushions as a place to sit when gathering.

Choose Minimalist


Construction of gazebos in the garden, usually built in an area that is not too wide. Therefore, the modern minimalist concept is also suitable for use in garden gazebo designs. There are two steps made of wood as access to enter the gazebo. This gazebo was built with a wooden floor surrounded by a short fence with the same material. There are four sturdy pillars to support the roof. The roof of this gazebo was built using a tile roof with two levels. In the four corners of the gazebo there are also white curtains that enhance its appearance.

With Flat Roof


The gazebo built behind this house has a simple look. Only with a flat roof and four sturdy pillars at the corners as a support that sticks into the ground. Because the sides are left open, in order to stay protected on the four corners of the gazebo there are also curtains that can be opened and closed as needed. There is no floor in this gazebo, therefore place a swing chair with a fairly wide size hanging in it.

Close to the Pool


One area that is usually used as a place to build a gazebo is near the swimming pool. The gazebo that was built facing the swimming pool has a fairly wide view. With a tiled floor and four pillars as a support for the flat roof of the gazebo made of wood. This gazebo is only closed on the back and half of the sides. In addition, there are also curtains in the two corners of the front of the gazebo. Inside the gazebo, there is an elongated sofa facing the pool and two single sofas on the side. Place a table in the middle of the gazebo, and as lighting at night this gazebo uses a unique shaped chandelier.

Build Next to the House


This gazebo was built using the walls of the house as one of the walls. Then on the other side and back using bamboo. The unique part of this gazebo is the sloping roof shape with wooden frames and glass tiles. The floor used in the gazebo is also made of wood. On the inside of the gazebo there is a single sofa that is stored opposite the table in the middle, there is also a shelf in the middle of the gazebo which is a storage area. The walls of this gazebo are also not left plain, so several frames are installed with pictures of plants.

Those are some gazebo designs with modern concepts that can be used as references. But before deciding which design to use, it is necessary to consider several things. Among them are cost, yard size, availability of materials, size of the structure and who will build it.

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