Kendall Jenner Home Interior Design Ideas

    Saturday, 16 April 2022

    Kendall Jenner is an American model and reality television star. So it is not surprising that what this model wears inspires many people in style. In addition, Kendall Jenner also has a house that is enough to make many people curious so that it does not escape the media spotlight. With Kendall Jenner's home tour which is broadcast on the Architectural Digest YouTube channel, it can be used as a home interior design idea for various rooms.

    Kendall Jenner's Living Room


    This is a view of Kendall Jenner's living room. With two elongated dark brown chairs that look as soft as velvet. The pillows on the back, side and bottom of the sofa all become a single unit that looks comfortable. The elongated black living room table is in harmony with the neutral paint used in the living room. Then some wall decorations such as frames and small lights make the room less plain. The fireplace is the center of the living room, as well as several windows that are large enough for lighting to create a symmetrical and harmonious atmosphere that creates a casual living room.

    Casual Living Room Design Ideas

    Kendall Jenner's living room design can be an inspiration for living room interior ideas to be used. You don't have to design the living room exactly, because after all it must be adjusted to your needs. For example, by eliminating the fireplace, because after all, Indonesia does not have a winter so it is not suitable.


    This is one of the casual living room designs that can be used as a reference. With the same living room paint, namely with the dominance of white, but here to make it look more casual combined with soft gray color. Inspired by Kendall Jenner's sofa, which looks soft, use a sofa with letter L which almost all of its parts use foam cushions that look comfortable to use. Use a table that is not too long and large in the living room so that there is still space that makes it look wider. So that the living room is not too plain, then add a storage shelf at the back of the sofa. This shelf is not only used for various items so that the living room looks neater as well as to display an artistic impression on the room. As lighting, the sofa can be placed near the window or you can also add some table lamps for lighting at night.

    Kendall Jenner's Dining Room


    Kendall Jenner's dining room looks like a country atmosphere. By using wood material on the chairs and dining table used. There are also hanging candles and several photo frames attached to the wall with various sizes and pictures. In addition, there are flower pots that create a dining room with a natural feel.

    Dining Room Design Ideas With Natural Shades


    Kendall Jenner's dining room design that looks like a rustic atmosphere can be an inspiration to design a dining room with a natural feel. If the dining room does not have a large enough area, then the minimalist dining room concept can be the solution. In order for a natural feel to be created, the dining room should be close to the window for lighting. In addition, use chairs and dining tables made of wood by maintaining the natural color of the wood. Then the size of the chairs and dining table should not be too wide for the dining room with this minimalist concept. Also add a small plant pot on the dining table to create a cool dining room.

    Kendall Jenner's Bedroom


    Kendall Jenner's bedroom looks quite spacious. With a fairly large mattress size, white in harmony with the paint used in the bedroom. There is a cupboard next to the bed which is used as a place to store a night light. This bedroom has a roof that is quite unique with a visible brown wooden frame. There are also two large windows, this window glass can be shifted as a place to relax so that at the front there is a single sofa and a small table. Kendall Jenner's bedroom is indeed suitable as a place to rest because it displays a peaceful and simple impression.

    Simple Bedroom Design Ideas That Are Still Comfortable


    Kendall Jenner's bedroom design ideas that can be used as inspiration are simple impressions created in the bedroom. This can be done by choosing a mattress made of wood with a fairly wide mattress size in white in harmony with the wall paint used in the bedroom. The lights in the bedroom can use a chandelier. Also add a small round table to store decorations such as feather decorations stored in pots. Then so that the room is not too plain, you can add small shelves attached to the wall to be filled with wall decorations such as figures or a collection of favorite objects. Also add a mirror on the bedroom wall, apart from being a place for mirrors, this mirror can also help the room look wider.

    Those are some of Kendall Jenner's home interior designs that can be used as inspiration. It is important to always pay attention to what is needed, the area and the available budget before deciding to use any room design idea.