Tips for Creating a Garden in Narrow Land

Not a few people want to build a garden, either at the front or the back of the house but it is not realized. This is because, they think that building a park must have a large area. So that the narrow land they have cannot create the beautiful garden they dream of. However, there is no need to worry because currently there are many creative ways to build a dream garden in a narrow area. Here are some tips that can be used as a reference in making a garden in a narrow area.

Choose a Variety of Plants


The first tip that can be done is to choose a variety of plants for a garden with a narrow area. Usually people will grow plants in pots only, starting from small to large pots. However, in a narrow area using a large number of pots of various sizes will require a fairly large area. So you should not only choose plants that grow in the ground in pots, choose also vines on the wall. This is because the vines usually grow upwards. Although some are creeping sideways, some are even growing downwards or hanging. Therefore, with a trellis, pergola or arbor vines can grow by being arranged to cover the surface. In addition to saving space, choosing wall vines is also one of the decorations of a beautiful building.

Arrange Neatly


The front of the house is always the thing that other people see first, so this exterior is one of the images of the attitude of the owner of the house. If you build a mini garden at the front of the house, then this is a reflection of the homeowner who likes gardening. In order to look beautiful to be seen and enjoyed by all who see and visit the house, the garden at the front of this house must be arranged neatly. This square-shaped garden is built so nicely, there are rocks on the right and left and grass in the middle. On the right and left sides are lined with pots with the same color, namely white, but the sizes of the pots differ depending on the type of plant being planted. There is also a shelf on one side as a pot storage area, so that it can accommodate more plant pots. On the walls there are shelves of iron and wood which are also useful as a place to store pots. On the fence, several pots of various sizes and shapes are placed, so that the mini garden in this part of the house looks beautiful overall.

Keep Maximizing


If at the back of the house there is only a narrow area with an elongated shape, and surrounded by a wall behind the house, the solution is to keep maximizing the existing land. Let the grass on the ground grow naturally. Then on the two sides near the exit put two medium-sized pots. Also add some plant pots with various types of plants in them which are placed in one corner with the back wall of the house. In addition, the use of polybags is also suitable for narrow land, and has an affordable price and is easy to move around if needed. The garden can also be a space to relax, therefore the place is a long chair and a small table made of wood. This will create a natural feel that will make you comfortable when occupied.

Use Unique Shelf


In making a garden on a narrow area, one of the things that needs to be done is in the selection of plant pots and shelves that will be used as a solution to save space. There are so many forms of shelves that can be used as storage. Choose a unique shelf according to your needs. As in this small garden, the shelves used are quite unique, with a shape like a ladder with four levels. This shelf can be stored in the corner of the room with wood material to further create a natural feel. In addition, this garden also uses a wall-mounted shelf with an elongated shape. On the walls with wooden pallets are also used to hang several small plant pots. While on the side of the shelf in the form of a ladder, various kinds of pots are placed with a fairly large size. This garden uses a lamp attached to the wall with a unique shape, as lighting at night.

Suitable Placement


As a form of maximizing narrow land, you must build a garden with an appropriate placement. As in this garden, all that is left is an elongated land near the back wall of the house. In addition, this area has also been asphalted, so it cannot use the land directly. Therefore, it is necessary to build a garden with an elongated shape and use pots to grow plants. In addition, so that the garden that is built becomes a special and distinguishable area, you should use small pebbles in the garden area and medium-sized stones arranged lengthwise. With various forms of plant pots with unique shapes and various types of plants planted, you can create a cool and artistic garden. The back wall of the house can also be used as a hanging plant pot. With the appropriate placement, you can build the desired garden.

Take advantage of the back wall of the house


The back wall of the house can be used as an area to build a mini garden. Currently, many kinds of storage racks have been sold, or even creative people can make their own with unique shapes and according to their needs. As shown in the picture, this shelf in the form of a house attached to the wall with wood material can accommodate many small plant pots. With the same material, there are also several shelves attached to the wall and at the front of the wall which are also used to store several pots of various sizes.

The garden as part of the interior of the house can not only be built for those who like to grow crops, but as a reason for beauty and the need to relax in a beautiful place is the reason for some people to build a garden. No need to worry, if you have a narrow area to build a garden. Because now some of the tips that have been explained can help make a garden in a narrow area while still beautiful, comfortable and artistic.

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