Tips for Storing Items in a Minimalist Home to Keep it Neat

    Thursday, 7 April 2022


    When building a house with a minimalist concept, it is often necessary to keep the house organized. It takes some effort to keep everything in the house in its place. Therefore, there are some tips for storing things in a minimalist home to keep it tidy.

    Take advantage of the Storage Box


    It doesn't have to be something fancy to use for storage. With a relatively affordable price, you can get storage boxes. Each box can be filled according to the category of the object, then place the boxes neatly. To make it easier when you need these items, each box can be given a name. This storage box also doesn't have to be new, you can also use a shoe box or container you have at home. Make sure that the box or container is clean before using it for storage.

    Use Hanger


    In order for a minimalist room not to fall apart, hangers must be provided in some rooms. Usually after traveling, a place is needed to store bags, vehicle keys and jackets. Therefore, in order not to store items carelessly, you need a hanger to put the item. In addition to keeping the room tidy, hanging things up will make it easier to use things again. Usually this hanger can be placed on the kitchen door or also in the bedroom. These hangers have various designs, some are designed in the form of a hanger only and some are added with several small shelves to store things.

    Choosing Wall Mounted Shelves


    Wall-mounted shelves come in many designs, but they usually have an elongated box shape. Usually this outboard wall shelf can be used in a minimalist living room. Using this wall-mounted shelf will make the living room look spacious compared to using a cupboard. In addition, this wall-mounted shelf can be used to store various kinds of living room decorations. For example, photos of landscape pictures, personal collections such as action pictures and small jugs, books for those who like to read, ornamental plants with small pots and others that match the size of the wall-mounted shelves used.

    Maximize Open Shelf


    Open shelves with a design like this are suitable for use in the living room, bedroom or private workspace. Although the size is not too big, but this shelf can accommodate various kinds of books if stored in a personal workspace. In addition, this open shelf can also help to show an aesthetic impression in a minimalist living room. This can be done by choosing shelves made of wood with natural wood colors, then storing items such as some small ornamental potted plants or other displays that make the room look more beautiful.

    Choose Multifunction Wardrobe


    In the bedroom, you should choose a multifunctional wardrobe. This is done in addition to neatness reasons as well so that a minimalist room can accommodate various things as needed. For example, in this minimalist bedroom, there is not only a bed for sleeping, but also a place for chairs and a study table. Then the solution is to place a multifunctional wardrobe in the room. This cupboard is not only used to store clothes, but there is also a small open shelf for storing books. In addition, there is also space that can be used as a place to store a study table. With this multifunctional wardrobe, it makes the bedroom look spacious and according to needs.

    Tidy Up Regularly


    In order to keep the room tidy, the goods must be stored in a storage area that does not use a large space. Therefore, it needs to be adjusted to the room area and needs before deciding to use a shelf or cupboard with a certain design. In addition, the important thing that needs to be done is to consistently do small cleaning regularly in every room in the house. This is done to avoid a big mess. For example by taking a few minutes to clean. In addition, also tidy up the items so that they remain in their proper position in the storage area.

    Those are some tips for storing things that can be done so that a minimalist home is always neat. By considering several shelves, hangers and cabinets that have various designs for storage. Then by arranging items according to category or according to color and consistency in tidying up these items, it will make a minimalist room look neat and not cramped.