39 Trends in Minimalist Home Interior Paint Color Combinations (2022)

Here are a variety of trend inspirations and beautiful and soothing minimalist home interior paint color combinations. In addition, there are certain compositions that make home even more missed as a place to return home.

In this article, the paint inspiration will be divided into several spaces, namely interior paint for the kitchen, living room, family room, dining room, and bedroom.

Interior Paint Color Inspiration for the Kitchen

The kitchen is synonymous with a dirty place. But with a good color arrangement, the kitchen will look more artistic. Here are some examples of applying interesting color compositions for the kitchen.

1. The dark brown color combined with white is perfect for a minimalist home concept, especially in the kitchen. Besides being more luxurious, warmth is also present in this paint color combination.

Image Source: decorshome.co

2. Put a dark color on the kitchen wall that has the potential to be stained, while the other side is given a light color. Another advantage, dirt is not too obvious on the walls of the kitchen.

Image Source: myhomeproducts.com

3. The combination of complementary colors on the walls and kitchen counters is also an interesting technique for interior design.

Image Source: kitchens.com

4. Bright pastel colors can still be applied in the kitchen as long as they use materials that don't get dirty easily.

Image Source: gopret.com

5. For a kitchen with a small size, bright colors are more recommended because it gives an impression of spaciousness.

Image Source: studio-mcgee.com

6. Choosing a dark kitchen with a monochrome concept will look very elegant for a minimalist home.

Image Source: ballingslov.se

7. If you want a small kitchen that is more cheerful, the selection of bright colors such as yellow can also be applied.

Image Source: feasthome.com

8. A kitchen with a dominant color composition of wood can also be used as an inspiration for an elegant, luxurious, and warm interior design.

Image Source: archiproducts.com

Interior Paint Color Inspiration for Living Room

The living room is one of the spaces that is important to pay attention to the color arrangement, because this is where outsiders first enter your home.

1. One way to determine the paint color for the living room is to choose one basic color and one color combination, in this example white and green.

Image Source: houzz.com

2. Another color is white and pastel combinations to impress a more spacious and elegant living room. For example, a blend of white + pink in some parts.

Image Source: domino.com

3. If the color of the living room wall paint consists of only one color, it can be combined with other matching colors of furniture and decorations. The following house has a natural theme with a dominant brown color.

Image Source: sfgirlbybay.com

4. Fill the walls with pastel colors, while the ceiling and floor use different colors for more contrast.

Image Source: entermyattic.com

5. Combine dark colors with light colors to create a more elegant and less monotonous living room. Another impression that arises from this design is luxury. This impression is obtained from the yellowish lights combined with black.

Image Source: 99decorinnovation.com

6. The choice of monochrome colors for the living room is still a style that suits minimalism and is still often recommended. Yes, white is the dominant color.

Image Source: stuff.co.nz

Interior Paint Color Inspiration for Living Room

In addition to the living room, the family room is also important to be well designed because the family room is a gathering place for all family members.

1. The combination of dark colors and light colors in the living room can be a technique to form the main focus.

Image Source: decoraiso.com

2. If the interior paint color of the living room is dominantly plain, balance it with the color of the floor and also more colorful furniture to liven up the atmosphere.

Image Source: trendecora.com

3. Give an element of affirmation in the television area with contrasting colors and textures that stand out. Not only that, to make it more beautiful, give a combination of paint with a backlight on the side of the living room.

Image Source: homebestidea.com

4. Combine plain white with an elegant wood motif for a warm family room.

Image Source: nextluxury.com

5. Inspiring family rooms with dark shades, don't forget to provide lighting elements and large windows.

Image Source: behance.net

6. Give a beautiful wood texture and color to some of the walls in the family room to give it a natural feel.

Image Source: home-designing.com

7. The composition of pastel colors is also interesting for living room interior paint because it gives a softer and softer impression.

Image Source: tidymom.net

8. Create a certain motif on the wall which is then painted in two different colors for a cheerful living room detail. Very suitable for those of you who have small children, this variant can be used as a game and educational material.

Image Source: projectnursery.com

Interior Paint Color Inspiration for the Dining Room

Placement of color in the dining room is also important to note, because in this room family members eat together and gather for quite a long time.

1. A dining room with a dominant white color will look more elegant with the placement of furniture that has natural colors.

Image Source: jessica-elizabeth.net

2. Composition dark colors with light colors on the walls with wooden floor elements as a unifying element.

Image Source: decor6.com

3. A dining room with a slightly dark color will still look charming when combined with some light colors and elegant furniture.

Image Source: welke.nl

4. One technique of decorating the interior with color is to make different colors for the same wall area.

Image Source: missjettle.nl

5. Another way is to give the composition a certain shape on the wall which is then painted in a different color as a decoration. For example, the following paint comes in a geometric style.

Image Source: interiorgod.com

6. The concept of black and white colors looks contrasting and firm for a minimalist dining room.

Image Source: copycatchic.com

7. The dining room is given a dark color paint, don't forget to provide sufficient lighting. This concept should be applied to homes that carry the concept of luxury and dark domination. The recommended pair color is gold.

Image Source: architecturaldigest.com

8. Shades of orange and blue are one of the complementary color schemes that can provide a warm atmosphere in the dining room.

Interior Paint Color Inspiration for the Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the personal spaces that is easier to arrange because it can be adjusted to the characteristics of the owner. Here are some examples of bedroom interior color inspiration.

1. One of the inspirations for elegant bedroom designs is applying pastel colors to paint the walls, as well as choosing the color of the furniture.

Image Source: vk.com

2. Determine one main color that can be used as a focus in the bedroom, while the other side of the wall is a neutral color.

Image Source: avestyles.com

3. An elegant impression can also be made by displaying dark walls, but the door and ceiling elements are made bright as a sweetener.

Image Source: feeds.apartmenttherapy.com

4. The black and white monochrome concept is also interesting to apply in a minimalist and elegant bedroom.

Image Source: mvwdesignstudio.com

5. If you want a more cheerful room, choosing bright colors such as yellow or orange can be the best alternative.

Image Source: bhg.com

6. Rooms with dark paint colors such as black will appear more shady and can make sleeping more soundly.

Image Source: swoonworthy.co.uk

7. A room with white paint can be more cheerful with the selection of interesting furniture motifs.

Image Source: theglitterguide.com

8. Create a wall design with geometric shapes which are then painted with several color choices according to the owner's taste.

Image Source: instagram.com/sarahrichardsondesign

9. For a bedroom that has a dark color composition, you can add a combination of wide windows to make it appear lighter.

Image Source: bradsknutson.com


Those are some examples of minimalist home interior paint color choices that can be applied for references to attractive interior color arrangements. I hope it inspires you, yes.

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