5 Ways to Arrange a Simple Living Room (Comfortable & Chic)

Having a small and simple living room does not mean it is uncomfortable for guests. As long as you know a neat way to organize a simple living room, it is guaranteed that your colleagues and friends will still feel at home at your house.

What is the real essence and main secret of arranging a simple living room?

Here's my friend,,,, even though the room is not big and the concept is simple, but if the living room is arranged very neatly and beautiful to the eye, then surely all visitors will feel at home visiting. Don't forget to give a gentle air freshener in the living room.

There is one more special secret, namely your friendliness and welcome. This is the most important key.

Show your attitude that really glorifies the guest, it will definitely give you a good impression. Isn't it also recommended in religious teachings to honor guests?

Well, the combination of a slick layout + the fragrant aroma of the room + your extraordinary hospitality = guaranteed to give plus points from the guest to you as the host.

That's above the main key.

That comfort will come from sincerity and a sincere heart in receiving guests.

And from that sincerity then arises a sense of attitude and encouragement to provide the best service to the guest.

On the other hand, there are some people who mistakenly think that a large house with a spacious living room will definitely provide comfort to their guests. Oooh not necessarily friends. 😊

What's the point of having a big house and a spacious living room, but the host is reluctant to arrange his living room. Even when a guest comes, he is only half-hearted in accepting it. If this is the case, then the very large house will not be able to make its guests feel comfortable and at home. At most just stop for a while, and then rush off again.

Therefore, if you only have a simple living room, then there is no need to be discouraged and feel inferior in front of your guests. With a neat, clean and comfortable living room arrangement, it can make your guests feel at home. Moreover, if you are very friendly in entertaining, then their respect for you will surely arise.

A Glance About a Simple Living Room

A simple living room is a living room that is equipped with simple furniture, not expensive. Even for the size of this living room, it has a smaller size. Its size is only limited enough to support the presence of guest chairs.

This type of living room is often found in various housing types with simple types. However, this living room can still provide comfort as long as you can arrange it. The comfort provided to guests is one way to respect these guests.

In some types of houses, for example, Japanese and Korean-style houses have a simple living room concept in the form of a lesehan or not using a chair. However, it still provides comfort to the room, including being used in several traditional houses in Indonesia.

How to Arrange a Simple Living Room

Although it has a simple concept, a good arrangement for a simple living room can make guests more comfortable. Here's how to organize a simple living room to make guests more comfortable, namely:

1. Add Tablecloths with Interesting Motifs


A simple living room always has the characteristics of simple furniture. However, this can be made more interesting by providing an attractive patterned tablecloth. Thus, a room with an interesting motif can be seen in contrast to the living room.

2. Add Decorative Flowers to the Guest Table

The function of decorative flowers can beautify the living room. Therefore, it is better to add flowers to the guest table. Besides its existence can beautify the room. Decorative flowers can also harmonize the harmony of a simple living room.

3. Add Colorful Pillows to the Guest Chair

The use of guest chairs in the living room serves as a seat to welcome guests. This time the presence of the guest chair can be added with chair cushions with colorful motifs to beautify the living room. Thus, a simple living room will look more attractive.

4. Add Wall Decoration

Decorations on the walls of the living room will make the living room look more attractive. Arranging a simple living room by adding wall decorations can make the room look more attractive. Thus, it is better to choose a unique wall decoration to organize the room for the guest.

5. Use room deodorizer to scent the living room

Making the living room more comfortable is a simple way of arranging a simple living room to honor guests who come. Thus it is better to provide air freshener in the living room. Besides making guests more comfortable, fragrances can ward off various small animals that spread disease.

Organizing a simple living room is very easy. This is important to do to respect the guests who come. Thus, guests feel comfortable and feel flattered because they feel welcomed by the comfortable arrangement of the room.

May be useful.

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