Errors in Arranging a Minimalist Living Room (Corrections and Solutions)

Arranging a minimalist living room "Minimalist" is a term for a thing that deals with simple things. Nowadays, many minimalist themes are chosen when decorating the living room. Simple but still pleasing to the eye.

However, not everyone can blend this theme perfectly. There are still many mistakes that are often made by beginners in applying this theme.

Here are examples of common mistakes people often make when arranging a minimalist living room

Oh yes, in this article I make corrections as well as provide a solution. Let's look at the common mistakes together. Checkidot!

1. Using Too Much Furniture

Usually in decorating a room, there will definitely be an urge to continue to add decorations so that the room looks more beautiful and elegant. However, decorating with too much furniture becomes irrelevant to the minimalist theme.

So a room with a minimalist theme should be designed simply and simply. With so many decorations and furniture, the room will look too crowded. And preferably in arranging a minimalist living room, choose furniture that is important and multifunctional.

Or, if you want to put a lot of decorations, then choose a decoration that is small (not too flashy) and still gives an elegant impression to the living room.

See an example in the photo below.

2. Lack of good lighting

Often beginners are too busy decorating their living room, so they forget to pay attention to good lighting. Although the minimalist theme is already simple, if there is no good lighting, the living room will seem cramped and gloomy.

The living room should give the impression of relief and freshness, so that guests who are visiting your home feel comfortable and at home. It is recommended to use natural lighting during the day through the window. Meanwhile, at night, you should choose a warm white lamp, the goal is to make the living room feel warmer and calmer.

3. Not Having a Clear Concept

Before you start decorating, you should first determine what kind of minimalist theme you want to apply to your living room. Choose basic colors that will be the main colors in the living room.

What color should be chosen?

Choose neutral colors that are suitable for all ages (young and old). This relates to the concept of planning and the aesthetic value of the living room layout. And this is very important to note before starting your work.

What's the reason?

Because the preparation of this mature concept will affect the final result later. If at the beginning the arrangement of the concept is not clear, then later it will cause a mismatch between the furniture and the color of the room. As if impressed not cohesive between the parts in the room. In fact, all elements such as furniture, coloring, and lighting of the room should be harmonious, so that it is more pleasing to the eye.

4. Origin of Choosing Furniture

Not all "minimalist" home furnishings will fit in everyone's living room. In choosing furniture, it should be adjusted to the room that will be occupied.

What does it mean?

So for a narrow living room, choose a small and short sofa. On the other hand, in a large room, choosing a large and long sofa is suitable to fill the void in the room and can give a distinct impression.

Take a look at the selection of very harmonious living room furniture below.

5. Leaving Many Wires Scattered

Electronic equipment in the living room must have a lot of wires. Items such as TVs, fans, and air conditioners have long, many wires and pipes. If left scattered just like that (displayed in front of the eye), it will make a living room that should seem simple to be messy and complicated.

So what's the solution?

Of course there are many possible solutions. The important thing is that these cables can be hidden and do not overcrowd the eyes of those who see them. One way is to use a cable clip. Or it could be covered in such a way behind furniture such as a table, sofa, or cupboard.

6. Too Monotonous

A minimalist room does uphold the concept of simplicity. But also don't overdo it in the 'simplicity'. Remember the adage that says: "anything that is too much is not good".

Maybe some of you are asking: "What do you mean?"

So because they really want the living room at home to look really minimalist (read: 'simple'), then there are people who decide to only give one color in the room.

For example, if the homeowner chooses white wall paint, white sofas, tables and other furniture are also white, it will make the room pale and boring. Or if you want a navy blue color, then you really just 'tock' all of the navy blue. Especially if it's just all pink. Oh my gosh,,,, don't. 😂

Well, a minimalist style that is too 'simple' as above is of course not quite right. What's the reason?

Because if you only use one color, of course, your living room will look monotonous, unattractive, and even tacky.

The point is in designing and arranging a minimalist-style living room, you should prioritize the side of harmony and balance. In applying a minimalist theme, don't be too afraid to play with color.

Choose colors that match and harmonize with each other. For example, white with brown, brown with green, dark blue with yellow, gray with pastel colors, and many more.

Take a look at an example of a very harmonious color combination in the living room in the photo below.

And remember, on the other hand, don't be too colorful. Later you will think that guests in your house are actually having a rainbow hehehe (just kidding). ️

Design your living room to fit and match. Namely a design that is not excessive, not tacky, and also does not seem flashy. Arrange in a balanced and proportional. Surely the results will make every colleague and friend feel at home visiting your house! ️

This is a discussion about examples of mistakes that people often make, namely when arranging a minimalist-style living room. Hopefully beginners who want to decorate their living room with a minimalist theme can avoid these mistakes.

Hopefully this simple article can be useful for you. Regards.

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