How to Arrange a Simple Bedroom on a Low Budget

Arrange a simple bedroom - The bedroom must of course be arranged in such a way that it is comfortable to live in. Especially if you want this private room not only to function as a place to rest. You want to design part of the room space for a writing or reading room.

However, what if the room you have is not too wide? What's the trick to outsmart it? Let's find a number of ways to organize a simple bedroom. Of course you don't need to spend a big budget to design it.

Oh yes, actually how to arrange a simple bedroom is not only for a narrow room. This concept is also suitable for those who like minimalist things. Because how to decorate with this simple concept, apart from minimal costs, it also doesn't use a lot of stuff. The room feels more spacious, neat, and bright.

Tricks for arranging a simple bedroom to be attractive

Keep in mind, the comfort of the room is not only due to the selection of the right furniture. But also from the color combination factor, layout, to the placement of the right accessories. If everything is combined well, then God willing, the results will be perfect and in line with expectations.

Below are some tricks to make a simple bedroom more attractive:

1. Use Washi Tape For Photo Frames

It's really nice to see the faces of loved ones on the walls of the room. But should not put too many photo frames on the walls of the room. Because there are too many photo frames hanging in the room, the effect is that your room looks chaotic and crowded. To outsmart it, you can paste a photo and make a frame from washi tape.

What is washi tape?

This is a kind of colorful tape with various motifs and sizes. The price is less than IDR 50,000 per roll. Washi tape can be used to decorate anything, including photo decorations on bedroom walls. See an example in the photo below.

Another benefit of using this washi tape is that it costs less (low budget). Because a roll of washi tape, which costs Rp. 50,000, can be used to stick many photos on the walls of the room. Of course you will spend quite a lot of money if you use a frame. Because one frame is of course only able to put one photo, unlike washi but which can be used for many photos.

2. Choose a Light Colored Paint

Light colored paint provides many advantages for its occupants. The room will feel more spacious, lively and bright. The result will be even more leverage if the furniture in the room matches the paint color of the room. For example, white, cream, or other bright colors.

Should not put too many displays on the walls of the room. Arrange the displays and decorations on the walls of the room in a balanced (proportional) way. Not too much, and not too little wall displays. Because if it's too much, it will make the room look full. Meanwhile, if it is too little, it will reduce its aesthetic value.

3. Hang the Decorative Lights

The decoration of this incandescent lamp has been widely circulated on social media. Indeed, the light that is generated is really beautiful, that is, it is dim and sad. For those who like the atmosphere, you can hang it on the ceiling or on one side of the wall. Adjust the number of lights to the size of the room so it doesn't seem suffocating.

If your budget is low, then you can buy incandescent lamps that are relatively cheap. Although the price is cheap, this type of incandescent lamp is no less attractive than room lights which are expensive, you know! The key is in your creativity in designing the incandescent chandelier. See an example in the photo below. Not less interesting is not it? ️

4. Install Wallpaper

Using wallpaper is a quick, simple, and easy way to turn a simple room into something more interesting. Wallpaper prices and motifs also vary, can be adjusted to your taste and budget. To apply it is also easy, but remember to choose simple models to create a minimalist impression.

5. Put a Big Mirror

Another simple way to arrange a bedroom so that it looks spacious is by placing a large mirror on one side or corner of the room. The reflection of the room's image in the large mirror will create an optical illusion. It's as if your room looks bigger than it actually is. For more details, please see an example of a large mirror in the photo below.

So, how does the impression look? The room above seems to be bigger, right? 😊

There were some people who decorated the side of the mirror with strings of lights. But if you don't have a light, it's not a problem. In addition to giving the impression of relief, a large mirror standing in the corner of the room will also change the feel of the room to be more elegant.

6. Avoid putting things in the middle of the room

Placement of items is something that must be considered properly when decorating a simple bedroom. Do not place items in the middle of the room, especially if they are large enough, such as a desk or bookcase. Position items on the sides of the room or stick them to the wall so that the center is empty and spacious.

How to arrange a simple bedroom above does not require a large amount of money. There are even some parts that can be done without the slightest cost. Because you only need to rearrange the position of existing items.

One thing to remember, adjust the room design to your taste and personality. Because the bedroom is a place of privacy for someone to be themselves completely.

Hopefully this short article can be useful.

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