Want to be successful in investing at a young age? Here are the appropriate tips & tricks


Tips and tricks for successful investing (Image source: Ekonomi.bisnis.com)

Already have savings but want to expand it? Then investment is the solution. This time there are some tips & tricks for you.

1. Find Sources of Capital


The first thing you have to do is prepare a source of capital to invest, this capital doesn't have to be big right away because now there are mutual funds that can be low-capital investments.


How to get capital? The diploma is still wet, it hasn't even come out yet. Work does not have to be an ASN or office employee who requires various requirements such as a diploma, SKCK, etc.

There are many jobs that you can do without the hassle of registering, for example, you can develop soft skills to sell services such as editing, writing, drawing, teaching, and much more.

2. Read Yourself


Second, it is obligatory to read or recognize what one's self is like, and what this investment is for. This is intended to reduce the risk of loss, it is common knowledge that investments can have a big loss on players.


How do you read yourself? There are two things that must be read or recognized from yourself, first you must recognize where is your place? Lyrics of your capital, is your capital abundant or just mediocre? Are you afraid of losing?

How much capital do you give up in the event of a loss?

Second, you must believe in what is your goal when you want to start investing, this is to find out what the final result you are aiming for is.

For example, you want to invest in the short term, aka less than 1 year to get married next year, or you want to invest to continue your studies/buy a house in a medium term of 5 years and over. The last one, for example, if you want to invest for the needs of your old age, is suitable for choosing long-term investments.

3. Research Types and Places of Investment


Lastly, don't forget to research what type of investment you want to do, adjust it to the existing budget, don't dream too high because if you fall you are very sick. In addition, research is also about places where you can invest with your name.


What kind of research do you want to invest in, for example investing in gold jewelry, gold bullion, deposits, mutual funds, or stocks. From this type, you can determine where you want to invest, for example if you go to a gold shop, if you go to a mutual fund company, go to a mutual fund company, if you go to the stock exchange, and so on.

Don't forget to choose in terms of price, quality, as well as location security from the worst possibility.

So those were 3 Tips and 3 Tricks for success at a young age, good luck!

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