Want to Buy Stocks Abroad? Take a peek at the 5 benefits!


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For those of you who have entered the world of domestic stocks, it never hurts to try to move to the next stage, namely buying stocks abroad.

Overseas stocks offer a variety of benefits that you will receive. Among these are liquidity, accessible information, being able to buy per share, a wide selection of products, and being able to buy In Fraction Share or fractional shares.

1. Liquidity

Liquidity is a measure of the number of transactions in a stock in the capital market. Liquidity in investment is very important. The more liquid the stock, the more it can be bought and sold at any time.

This will certainly benefit you if you are sure to buy shares abroad because the difference between buying and selling prices is small.

2. Accessible Information

Due to the various types of global companies, foreign exchanges are often in the spotlight by various media, especially media that focus on the financial sector.

These media always focus on the movements that occur in stocks and they also provide various stock recommendations that will be profitable.

So, you don't need to worry if you are usually uninformed because you have broad access to absorb information from them anywhere and anytime.

3. You Can Purchase Per Sheet

The next advantage of buying shares abroad is that you can buy per share. This of course will be different from the existing stock market regulations in Indonesia which require investors to buy 100 shares or 1 lot of shares.

4. Diverse Product Choices

Foreign exchanges have a variety of products on offer. Among them are ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), stocks, bonds (bonds), indices, to derivatives.

This variety of products will certainly benefit you because you can optimally diversify and choose products that suit your needs.

5. You Can Buy In Fraction

You don't have to worry about expensive foreign stock prices because you can buy In Fraction shares.

This means, you can buy shares according to the money you have. The dividend itself is still received if the company distributes it.

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