5 Signs You Have Entered the Quarter Life Crisis Phase


Illustration of a person experiencing a quarter life crisis. (Image source: Canva)

Have you ever been asked questions like this?

"What are you doing now? At this age why are you not productive and not growing? Si A can already buy his own motorbike, you know. Why are you still like this?"

You must be upset and sad to hear that, right? Or maybe you just experienced it?

Before getting angry at the person who gave the questions earlier. It's better if you calm down first, because you're not the only one who feels it. It is a normal and common thing for those of us who have entered our 20s.

Well, you must be familiar with what it's called, that is, you're in the phase of a quarter life crisis. However, what exactly is a quarter life crisis? What are the signs like?

What is a Quarter-Life Crisis?

As the name suggests, a quarter life crisis means that you have entered a quarter of your life and are considered an adult which in reality, your emotions and finances are not yet so stable. This period is mostly experienced by people at the age of young adults around 24-30 years.

Then, the meaning of crisis in this phase is because people who experience it feel directionless, confused, worried, and confused about their own life. Plus, the future is full of uncertainty.

The emergence of this crisis is also caused by the life choices that must be chosen. Usually, confusion about these choices includes career, love, finance, and social life problems.

Signs You Are Experiencing a Quarter Life Crisis

Here are signs that you are experiencing a quarter life crisis.

1. Often Confused and Overthinking about the Future

After graduating from college or the education you are taking, of course you think what else to do for the next step? What jobs are suitable and should be applied for later?

You are also faced with endless questions, and feel completely ignorant about yourself. Confused about what to do, and what you want in the future. Finally, because constantly thinking about it makes you overthinking and stressed.

2. It's hard to make a decision because there are too many choices

Of course we have to choose and make decisions to move on to the next experience. You will find various options for the future. Starting from the choice to continue their studies, go straight to work, or decide to have a family.

Well, too many choices make you even more confused and panicked. In the end, it's hard for you to make a decision.

3. Indecisive in Living

After being faced with so many choices. You are also in a dilemma and indecisive because you still can't commit to a new thing that you have chosen. Because, you yourself also want to try various other things.

From there, comes the anxiety and self-doubt. Whether the path you have chosen is the right one or not.

4. Likes to Compare Yourself to Others and Afraid to Be Left Behind

In addition, you also often compare yourself with what has been achieved by others. Like seeing friends of the same age who are married, have a dream job and become established, and so on. Those things make you jealous and worry about being left behind because you haven't been able to achieve them.

5. Decreased Confidence

Because you often compare yourself to others, of course it has an impact on your self-confidence.

By continuing to see the achievements of your friends, it could lead to a pessimistic attitude or excessive insecurity in yourself. So, without you knowing it, your self-confidence slowly decreases.

Those were five signs that you were entering the quarter life crisis phase. Are you experiencing one of these? If so, it means you are in troubled times.

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