7 Tips for Choosing Quality Mahogany Furniture


Mahogany is one type of quality wood that is often used as the basic material for furniture. The wood is no less superior than teak because of its strong durability and abundant supply. You just need to be diligent in practicing tips on choosing mahogany furniture so you can get the best quality furniture.

Tips for choosing mahogany-based furniture is actually not difficult to apply. You only need accuracy in observing the desired furniture before deciding to buy it. Buying mahogany furniture will be more practical if you understand these seven important points.

Checking for Holes in Furniture

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This first tip requires you not to choose mahogany furniture whose surface is full of holes. Small holes on the surface of wooden furniture should not be underestimated. Apparently, the many small holes indicate that the furniture has been attacked by termites. Although the external condition looks good, the inside of the wooden furniture is very fragile because it has become a nesting place for termites.

Prioritizing Furniture with a Large Diameter

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The larger the size of the mahogany wood used for furniture, the stronger the durability of the wood. Try to choose mahogany furniture with a minimum diameter of 35 cm. If you follow these tips carefully when choosing furniture, you will get mahogany furniture that is strong enough to support heavy loads and is not easily damaged even after years of use.

Choosing Dark Mahogany Wood

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Mahogany wood that is old enough to be processed into furniture has a characteristic dark brown color. That is why choosing dark mahogany is one of the tips for getting quality furniture that you should understand. The light brown mahogany wood shows that the wood is still relatively young and does not meet the requirements as quality furniture material.

Observing Mahogany Wood Grain Texture

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The hallmark of quality mahogany is the shape of the fibers that are straight and tight. So, you should be suspicious of mahogany furniture whose fibers are less straight and look tenuous. The outward appearance shows that the furniture is made of mahogany which is of poor quality and most likely its durability is low.

Observing Reinforcing Elbows at the Angle

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The use of strong and quality mahogany wood must be balanced with the right technique for arranging furniture elements. You have to be observant to observe the reinforcing brackets in the corners of the furniture. Strong angled components can make furniture last for more than 15 years, so you don't have to bother replacing it with a new one.

Ensuring That Furniture Connections Are Really Sturdy

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Another component that needs to be considered when choosing mahogany furniture is the connection. Quality mahogany furniture is usually made with several joining techniques, namely gluing evenly, installing nails and screws, and dowels (wooden pegs in two opposite holes). The correct splicing technique will make the furniture sturdy, durable, and not easily damaged even though it often withstands heavy loads.

Paying attention to the type of finishing on furniture

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Furniture made of mahogany is more suitable to use finishing materials in the form of water acrylic based so that the original color of mahogany looks more alive. So, it would be better if you choose mahogany furniture with these finishing materials. Make sure that the finishing process is carried out carefully so that all parts of the furniture are evenly coated. In addition to making it look more attractive, finishing materials also function as a surface protector for furniture.

After listening to these tips for choosing mahogany furniture, you won't be confused anymore to make a choice. The quality furniture of your choice must really suit your needs and match the feel of the interior of the house.

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