Here are 10 ways to sell preloved clothes to sell quickly


For those who are starting to open a thrift store, it is necessary to know how to sell preloved clothes. What's the reason? Because it is relatively not easy to make them sell quickly like new clothes. So there must be certain tips to do.

What are the tips?

One of them is to pay close attention to the condition of the used clothes.

In addition, you must also be smart in offering it to potential buyers.

Selling preloved clothes also has quite a few competitors.

The number of competitors requires sellers to think about the most accurate way to sell. So don't let preloved clothes pile up so that the model is getting outdated.

Want 10 Ways to Sell Preloved Clothes to Sell Fast?

As a guide, here are complete tips for selling used clothes so they sell quickly.

Let's see to the end.

1. Choose the Type of Clothes

The first way is to first determine the type of preloved clothes you want to sell. In order for selling activities to be more effective, you should not accumulate too much stock of clothes. Especially if the clothes that are in stock are the same model. Provide sufficient stock, later when it's out of stock, it will be re-stocked again.

The focus should be on selling clothes for men or women. Also use other parameters, such as the latest style when selecting it. It aims to facilitate targeted sales activities. In addition, the inventory of goods will be easier to do because it is specific.

2. Maintain the Condition of Preloved Clothes

So that buyers are not disappointed after getting the clothes they want, make sure they are still in good condition. Even though it's a used product, you still have to pay attention to quality. The clothes that are sold are clothes that are still decent and not outdated in style.

The best criterion is that the clothes are at least still feasible if worn for the next four years. After getting it from the first owner, the clothes can be washed first. Then ironed to look neat like new.

3. Choose a Trusted Supplier

There is no difference in determining the supplier when selling new or used clothes. In fact, preloved goods tend to be more difficult to find a truly honest and reliable supplier. The job of a used clothes seller is to be able to make sure the products they sell don't disappoint buyers.

How to find a reliable supplier can be started by going directly to the clothing market. Then buy two or three models of clothes that are trending. The selection of preloved clothes can also be adjusted according to consumer demand. If it is suitable, then the seller can continue to cooperate with the supplier.

4. Define Market Segmentation

The fourth way to sell preloved clothes to sell quickly is to determine who is the sales target. Selling like this will make it easier for sellers to meet their customers. Clothing that is sold must be offered to the right people (target market).

For example, if you sell used clothes for the present girly model for teenagers. So the market segmentation is young girls between the ages of 15-21 years. If you offer it to a 35-year-old woman, of course the model will not match.

5. Decide where to sell

For sellers of preloved clothes, it is recommended to have two selling places. The first is to open an offline store in a strategic location. It can also offer sales at bazaar events, garage sales events, or shock markets.

Then the second place to sell is to open an online store. So besides being offline, it is recommended that sellers make offers by taking advantage of the existence of digital sales applications.

What's the reason?

Because on the digital platform, the seller's goods will be more easily found by potential buyers. Especially if you use an e-commerce platform that has a lot of users, the results will definitely be more effective.

6. Selling at a Fair Price

Sellers should not be tempted by large profits, so they sell their goods at unreasonable prices. Instead of making a profit, potential customers might even run away. Preloved clothes cannot be sold at the initial price, although the quality is still the same.

As a consideration, the seller can set a price with a difference of IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000 from the original. This is even if the condition is really like new. In addition, apply an increasing price strategy. So when the buyer negotiates, the price offered is not too low.

7. Make a Honest Description

If you decide to choose to sell at an online store, then don't forget how to sell this seventh part of preloved clothes. In the description column, the seller must write the actual condition of the clothes. When there is a shortage, it must be submitted as the condition of the original item.

Not only the advantages are shown in the description section. But also explain if there are stains and defects that may be on the clothes. So when a customer buys it, they will not feel cheated and disappointed because the goods are in accordance with the description.

8. Giving Promotions

How to sell used clothes that are worth using, which is next is no less accurate. Just like when offering new products, preloved items can also be accompanied by promos. Because that way, it will attract more potential customers to come.

Several types of promos that can be given are discounted prices. Everyone loves to shop when there are good items and discounts. Sellers can also label the clothes they sell with bonuses, for example, buy two get one free.

9. Promoting

To be better known by buyers, promotional activities should not be missed. For new sellers, they can promote their clothes to their closest friends and neighbors. If you are satisfied, you will definitely tell others.

Promotion is also effective through social media. Use Facebook and Instagram to display selling clothes like a catalog. It's better if you upload aesthetic photos and use models.

10. Implementing the Pre-Order System

This last method must be tested for sellers who do not have much capital. Even though the budget is minimal, a seller can still serve requests by implementing a pre-order system. So stock clothes according to customer orders.

Pre-orders can be made once a week or once a month. Also set a limit according to the minimum purchase or the number of subscribers who participate. Such a system does not make stock pile up.

Those are some of the effective ways to sell preloved clothes to increase income. In order to sell quickly, offering used clothes does need a trick. Especially keeping the model from being out of trend.

It takes honesty in selling preloved clothes. The goal is to deliver the right item to the buyer without any hidden flaws. In addition, promotion should be intensified.

May be useful.

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