Inspirational Smart Garden Ideas That Can Be Tried!


Outdoors or indoors you still empty and feel empty? Don't you want to try to make a smart garden? With this park you will be more active and not feel bored at home.

Planting plants outdoors or indoors provides its own benefits, it can even provide time to gather with family. Here are some smart garden ideas that you can try, including the following:

1. Magic basket for plants

The inspiration for the first indoor smart garden was the use of a magic basket, a basket which can grow a variety of plants, both ornamental plants and vegetables. There are many technologies that pamper people to do things easily, such as farming.

This technology can implement a smart garden in your home, you no longer need to bother thinking about lighting plants, oxygen, and watering plants. All you have to do is sow the seeds in the magic basket. Then, grow the plant fertile.

2. Farming through the hydroponic method

Want to carry a smart garden theme? This time, there is a recommendation that is suitable for you to apply, namely hydroponic farming.

For beginners who just want to grow crops, it is better to use a hydroponic wick system. In conditions of growing an ornamental plant or a plant that is useful for daily consumption, you only need a used drink bottle.

After the drink bottles made have been completed, you can sow the seeds into the bottle containers that have been made with a hydroponic wick system and provide nutrition. The rest, you need to take care of the plant.

This smart garden idea is suitable to be placed outdoors because the conditions require large space and solar lighting.

3. Farming in the fish pond

One of the inspirations for smart farming is using fish ponds. Plants that can be grown using the aquaponics method are vegetable crops, such as mustard greens, kale, and the like.

What about the fish that must be in the pond? You can fill it with tilapia or catfish, if you have spread the seeds into the pond and become saplings.

In making it itself, it is quite easy to find the material, you need some pipes, absorbent cloth, and a filler. Suitable for those of you who like outdoor farming activities, you can move actively and sweat when using smart garden aquaponics.

4. Colorful balls inspire smart gardens

Do you want to grow ornamental plants? By carrying out the concept of a smart garden? Don't worry, there is a hydrogel concept that can help you grow crops using colorful balls. So, it could be said that the cultivation this time was in the crystal.

Some plants that can be grown using the hydrogel method are Chinese bamboo snake plant, red betel leaf, dollar leaf, or ornamental grass.

Planting with this idea is quite interesting and gives an aesthetic impression at home, both indoor and outdoor. What you should know is that hydrogels last for a period of time (1 - 2 months).

5. Planting groups of succulents on the sidelines of the table

Smart garden inspiration that you can take as an example is to plant succulents on the sidelines of the space between the bottom layer of the table and the glass. This table is still useful according to its function. However, this wooden table can be used as a place to plant succulent group plants.

Watering this succulent plant should not be done too often because it can damage its growth. You can put this table in a semi-outdoor room.

6. O-garden wheel technology that makes farming easy

O-garden wheel is an indoor garden based on advanced technology. You can grow various types of plants, medicinal plants, vegetables, and ornamental plants. You can rotate the O-garden to evenly distribute all the lighting on the plants and watering problems are done automatically.

You can pick some fresh vegetable plants to be processed into a family cooking menu.

Those are some inspirational ideas for smart gardens both outdoors and indoors. You can choose an inspiration that suits you. Make sure you create a smart garden that fits your budget.

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