Teak Wood, Favorite Quality Furniture Material


The popularity of teak wood for making furniture does not need to be doubted. This type of wood is indeed quite superior compared to other wood materials. Not surprisingly, teak is often the number one choice compared to other woods.

Although its popularity is very special, it turns out that there are still many people who are not too familiar with the character of teak wood. In fact, knowing the original character of teak is clearly important because it can affect the quality of the furniture you will have. So, in order to know more about teak wood furniture, let's look at the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and tips for caring for it below.

Characteristics of Original Teak Wood

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Getting to know real teak is not easy for those of you who are still beginners. However, the following things can be of concern to you in order to be able to distinguish genuine teak furniture and those that are not.

The sound of real wood falling sounds very heavy and loud when tapped. The characteristic of this one is very special because the sound produced by teak is definitely different from other types of wood.

The surface of old teak is definitely not as smooth as new teak. There are some parts that seem rough even though they have been sanded. However, many teak wood enthusiasts allow the rough part to become a characteristic.

There is another prominent characteristic in the form of a unique carving. The carving on teak wood is definitely different from other woods. This feature can only be recognized by those of you who have been working with teak wood furniture for a long time.

The advantages of teak wood

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Teak wood furniture has the following special advantages:

  • The texture is very strong and durable. Especially if you choose furniture from teak wood that is hundreds of years old. The older the age, the stronger the teak wood. This type of wood is not easily broken or cracked even after decades of use.
  • Teak wood is also very resistant to weather changes. This is what makes this type of wood often relied on as the basic material for outdoor furniture. Moist air, sun exposure, even winter will not affect the durability of teak wood.
  • Its special resistance to weather also makes teak wood not easily moldy.
  • The character of teak wood grain looks very unique and attractive. That is why this wood will present an elegant impression on your furniture. Especially when this wood has been perfected with a majestic nuanced carving pattern.
  • One of the most common problems with wooden furniture is shrinkage. However, this will not happen to teak. Its good durability makes this wood volume stable and not prone to deformation.

Disadvantages of Teak Wood

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Although it has many advantages, it is undeniable that teak wood also has the following disadvantages:

  • The price of teak wood is more expensive than other types of wood. This price issue often makes people with limited budgets prefer alternatives other than teak. Even though the quality of teak wood is clearly comparable to the price you have to spend.
  • Furniture made of teak wood has a very heavy weight. The heavy weight of the furniture will make it difficult for you who often live to move from apartments or rented houses.
  • Duco paint is not the right match for finishing teak wood. Because the large pores of teak wood will make the finishing process not optimal. In addition, teak wood also produces natural oils that will cause yellowish spots on the surface of the furniture.

How to take care of teak wood furniture

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You can do some of these simple ways to care for real teak wood furniture:

  • Clean dust regularly with a dry cloth or duster. For the wood part in the form of carving, use a soft-bristled brush so that the furniture is clean maximally.
  • Wipe the surface of the furniture with a soft cloth that has been moistened with warm water. This method is effective for removing food, drink, or other stubborn stains.
  • Use special wood cleaning products regularly, at least once a month. These products usually contain natural oils that are effective in maintaining the luster of teak wood.

If you have an adequate budget, there is nothing wrong if you choose teak wood furniture to enhance your home. Quality wood furniture will enhance the atmosphere of the house while saving you in the long run.

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