Unique, Home Room Divider Ideas Using Glass Panels


Limited land for houses makes the concept of open space increasingly widely used. The thing that is quite unique and tricky is that you don't use many partitions to limit one room to another.

Sometimes there are times when you need privacy, right? Therefore, you need a partition between room A to room B. An alternative solution that is now widely used is the use of glass panels. The glass panel becomes a room divider.

This is the idea of ​​​​a glass panel room divider, including the following:

1. The partition between the sink and the bath


One idea that you can apply in using a glass panel bulkhead is to make it a barrier between the sink and the bath.

You certainly need privacy when bathing, wanting to enjoy the fragrant aroma of the liquid that has been mixed into the water. This bulkhead is quite unique in that it defines the boundary between the sink and the bath using a single pane of glass.

The installation of this panel shows which areas are dry to step on and which areas are wet. So that it is kept clean. Would you like to try it?

2. The partition that connects the outdoor and indoor areas


You can copy this one idea, this one idea is open space style. So that the bulkhead is installed between the indoor and outdoor rooms. You just add curtains as an option on the bulkhead glass panel. This time the bulkhead can be folded to the side and closed again.

3. Glass partition between book storage and reading room


This bulkhead is quite unique because there is a wooden frame. You can take some books you want to read in the storage area. After taking the book in the storage area, you can move around by folding the glass panels. A place that provides comfort when reading a book because it is equipped with chairs and tables.

4. The partition that limits the dining room and cooking room


Now you can install a glass panel that separates the dining area from the cooking room, so you know the limits for consuming food and drinks and know the area to manage food. Know the limits for experimenting and know which places to use to enjoy the results of the experiment.

It's quite fun with this glass panel bulkhead. You can sit quietly waiting for the food to be served while watching family members cooking the food.

5. The divider between the wardrobe room and the make-up room


The rooms that cannot be separated from each other are the wardrobe space and the make-up room. Therefore, to distinguish the two rooms, a partition is given between the two spaces.

You can slide the glass panel to the side to pick up some clothes or bags to wear. Then, when you're done, you can head to the make-up room to get ready to go out for a walk.

6. Glass partitions that distinguish between the bedroom and the room for relaxing


You can imitate this glass panel divider to limit the relaxing area to the bedroom. With this partition, it shows which rooms are private and rooms that can be shared with other people.

You can close the glass partitions when you want to rest in peace, as an option you can add curtains to make your rest time quieter.

Those are some room divider ideas that use glass panels as sliding doors or folding doors, office-style which is usually often found. You can apply it to a room that requires a glass panel partition.

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