10 Types of House Fences Based on Material, from Iron to Wood


The fence is one of the important elements on the exterior of the house. Not only protecting the house, the fence also serves to enhance the overall beauty of your home. That is why you must choose the right type of fence according to your needs, home design, and personal taste.

The first thing you should do when determining the type of fence for the house is to choose the constituent material. Knowing some of the main building blocks of house fences is certainly a useful reference for you. Take a peek below, let's take a look at the types of materials and their respective characters for the best choice of fences, from minimalist, modern, to classic styles.

1. Brick Fence

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Brick is the material most often used in making house fences. The reason is of course because bricks are very easy to get, the price is economical, and the durability is fairly strong. The brick foundation must be arranged neatly in order to produce a solid wall that is not easily deformed. You do not have to coat the fence made of bricks with wall paint. Instead, you can just leave it like that to make it seem more natural and attractive.

2. Mild Steel Fence

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The trend of using mild steel is now also used as the main material for house fences. This type of fence made of mild steel has a minimalist appearance with light weight but strong durability. In addition, light steel fences are also easy to combine with various home models so that they don't seem out of date.

3. Wrought Iron Fence

Source: Fine Art America

Wrought iron displays the impression of a majestic and classic residence. Usually wrought iron is equipped with carvings and attractive paint colors, such as black, gold, and copper. If your house is large, this type of fence is perfect for perfecting your home. Don't forget to do the finishing process carefully so that the wrought iron is not easily rusty or dull.

4. Hollow Iron Fence

Source: Jacksons-Fencing

In addition to wrought iron, hollow iron is also in great demand as the main material for making fences. The hallmark of hollow iron is the hollow or hollow center. The price is relatively affordable and the appearance is simple so that it is suitable to support a minimalist and modern home. Usually people like to paint the hollow iron fence with black so that the model looks simple.

5. Wooden Fence

Source: Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence

Wood is indeed very attractive as a building material for fences. Unfortunately, not many people use wooden fences because they think that they are weak and vulnerable to damage due to weather changes. Actually, you can choose quality hardwood types to produce a strong wooden fence, for example ironwood or teak wood. This house fence is the type that must be regularly polished with finishing materials at least once a year to keep it shiny naturally and free from termite attacks.

6. Bamboo Fence

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Almost the same as wooden fences, fences made of bamboo also need intensive care. In addition to choosing quality bamboo, you also have to carry out the maintenance process every few months. Bamboo fences that are starting to become brittle must be immediately replaced with new ones so that they don't collapse and reduce the level of security in the house. The use of bamboo fences will make the natural impression of the house stronger.

7. Fence of Plants

Source: Instant Hedge

Plants that will be used as fences must be easily pruned, grow fast, and are resistant to weather changes. If you want to use this unique type of fence for your home, there are several reliable plants, namely soka, red shoots, teh-tehan, and ornamental bamboo. Take the time to trim the hedge regularly to keep it in good shape and maximize growth.

8. Concrete Fence

Source: Natural Art Fence

For those of you who like practicality in caring for your home, a concrete fence can be one of the best solutions. Concrete is the result of a cast whose mixture consists of cement, sand, and a number of other materials. Concrete fences are most suitable for large and magnificent houses so that the level of security is guaranteed.

9. Natural Stone Fence

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The impression of a natural-style house can also be obtained by using a fence made of natural stone. Natural stone has a unique pattern so it doesn't look monotonous. If you choose this type of fence, you must clean it by brushing regularly so that the natural stone is not covered with dirt, dust, and moss.

10. Combination Fence

Source: The Spruce

If you are confused about choosing a fence building material, you can choose a combination fence as a family road. Combination fences are usually made up of two or three different materials, such as brick and mild steel or brick, natural stone and wood. You can design the concept of a fence according to the shape of the house so that the results are more functional and exclusive.

Finally, don't forget to prepare an adequate budget so you can use the type of fence you want for your dream home. A quality fence will protect your home for years without the need for large repairs.

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