7 Characteristics of Elegant & Luxurious American Style Furniture


Choosing furniture actually can not be done arbitrarily. There are many things that you should pay attention to to perfect the interior and exterior of the house, such as the style of furniture to the materials used. One style of furniture that seems timeless and always in demand is to use an American style interior.

If you are bored with minimalist or Scandinavian furniture styles that are busy everywhere, then American style furniture can be the right alternative. Before choosing and buying it, let's see what are the characteristics and characteristics of this American style of furniture in its application to the home.

1. Relatively Large Furniture Size

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In general, the size of American style furniture is relatively larger than local furniture. The size is indeed large because it is adapted from the size of the body of Americans who are on average much larger than Asians. In fact, the depth of the seat of the American-style sofa can reach the size of one meter. That is why this style of furniture is suitable for use in large houses so as not to give the impression of being cramped.

2. The Edge of the Furniture Looks Prominent

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Unlike minimalist furniture whose edges (list) do not stand out, American style furniture is just the opposite. The shape of the protruding edges will remind you of the feel of colonial-era furniture. However, you don't need to worry because this style of furniture will not make the interior seem out of date. You just need to combine it with the right elements to give a modern and classic impression.

3. Dominated by Fabric and Leather

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The use of genuine leather and fabric is synonymous with American-style furniture. Usually the original color of the leather will be maintained and only polished to make it look shiny. These two types of materials make furniture not resistant to weather changes, high humidity, and exposure to sunlight. So, you have to take care of your furniture regularly so that the texture and color don't change easily over time.

4. Use Classical Colors

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If you like classic colors that have an elegant feel, then you are suitable for using American style furniture at home. Because American-style furniture is usually dominated by brown and beige. These classic colors will make the furniture look more elegant and seem luxurious.

5. The shape of the furniture seems simpler

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At first glance, American-style furniture looks similar to Victorian-style furniture from Europe. In fact, the two designs are very different. The shape of American-style furniture seems simpler than Victorian-style furniture. The color game for American-style furniture is also more muted than Victorian furniture, which has bolder colors.

6. Have Carved Elements That Beautify Furniture

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Another characteristic that stands out in American Style furniture is the presence of carved elements that form a motif. The carving is usually only a small accent that is deliberately painted in a different color from the basic color of the furniture. The addition of these carvings will create a distinctive luxurious impression so that the feel of the interior of your home feels more luxurious.

7. Use a Sturdy Support

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Large American style furniture such as sofas, cabinets, and beds certainly require strong supporting elements. The American style is reflected in the large and sturdy pillars of the furniture. Not only serves as a support, the artistic shape of the support pole also adds to the perfection of the appearance of the furniture. This is to further bring out the thick and authentic American style.

Well, for those of you who intend to buy and use American style furniture for housing, Bramble Furniture provides a variety of collections and choices that are thick with that style. From work desks, dining tables, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, to bathroom cabinets and more. The combination of modern interiors and American-style furniture will produce an attractive elegant feel to your home.

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