7 Characteristics of Superblock Apartments as Modern Residential Alternatives


Apartments have now become a practical modern residential solution and are in great demand by many people in big cities. The development of property objects in the form of apartments has taken place rapidly in the last decade. One of the most interesting concepts is the superblock apartment which has many characteristics and reasons why it is quite popular.

Superblock is a spatial planning concept that seeks to maximize the function of land in urban areas. This concept is considered the most effective because it fits with the limited land conditions in big cities. In one superblock apartment location, there are various advantages that make it easier for residents to carry out their daily activities. Let's see what are the characteristics and some of the benefits that you can get from superblock apartment dwellings.

Usually Strategically Located

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In general, superblock apartments are built in the middle of the city to facilitate the mobility of the residents. You will have no trouble using an online motorcycle taxi or taxi service as well as other public transportation systems. This strategic location also means it doesn't take you long when you have to travel for work, school, college, or recreation.

Residential Conditions Are More Dense

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Everyone definitely doesn't want to live in an apartment that is too quiet for security reasons. However, this is not the case with superblock apartments. The conditions of the settlements are fairly dense but not slum like tread houses. You also don't need to worry if you live in this type of apartment where almost every unit is already occupied by people.

Complete Facilities

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Another characteristic that is often targeted by superblock apartments is very complete facilities. Usually this apartment concept allows its residents to get facilities in the form of:

  • Supermarkets and minimarkets.
  • Food court, restaurant and cafe.
  • Health services (clinics and hospitals) are close to the apartment area.
  • Spacious parking area.
  • Easy access to modern shopping centers, even some superblock apartments are built right next to or above the mall area.
  • Integrated public transportation system for 24 hours.
  • Other facilities include a fitness center, taxi stands, and a children's playground.

Can Save Time for Traveling

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Currently, many modern people choose superblock apartments as a place to live to save as much time as possible, especially if the location of their workplace is also in an apartment environment. You also do not need to set aside a lot of time to go to and from work. In addition, other after-work activities such as monthly shopping or taking care of laundry can also be done practically because it is supported by the residential concept equipped with various important facilities.

Adequate Security System

Before deciding to buy an apartment unit, you should also look at the security system. The superblock apartment is superior because it is equipped with an adequate security system, from CCTV to security staff who are on standby for 24 hours. In addition, apartment security is also supported by a unit locking system. In addition to relying on a key system, modern apartments now also use other systems in the form of access cards and Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) to make it easier for residents. You don't have to worry about the security of the apartment unit if you have to leave it for a long time.

Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle

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Living in a landed house is not always healthier than living in an apartment. If you live in an apartment, it can support your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. The distance between facilities that are close to each other will make you walk more often. In addition, the concept of this modern apartment is also more complete with the existence of health support facilities such as a fitness center, swimming pool, and jogging track. Exercising around the apartment becomes more practical and fun.

Targeted as Future Investment Object

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Superblock apartments are increasingly in demand because their value continues to increase over time. If you do not occupy a private apartment, you can rent it out on a monthly or yearly basis. The rental price can even increase every year following the increase in market prices. The strategic location and complete facilities that support daily activities make people don't hesitate to spend more to rent this apartment.

The price you have to spend to buy a superblock apartment unit is of course also comparable to the facilities you can get. So, don't let someone else buy your coveted apartment, okay?

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