7 Creative Room Dividers for Minimalist Homes


Limited housing land makes house prices more expensive, even though the size of the house is relatively small. This makes many people, especially the millennial generation, prefer to live in a minimalist house that is mini or apartment. Usually, in a mini-sized house, residents often minimize permanent room dividers in the house so that the house looks more spacious. However, there are some creative ideas for room dividers that are suitable for small houses.

To provide more privacy, you can use a flexible room divider. In order not to make the house look narrower, the room divider should be multifunctional and have a thin size. Want to find creative room divider ideas for a small house? Check out the inspiration below!

1. Movable Portable Model Bulkhead

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Want to close and open the room divider whenever needed? You can use a partition with a portable model that can be adjusted according to your needs. This partition is not permanent and is not planted to the wall or floor. That way, you can more freely open, fold, or move it to several places. You can also form a partition according to the shape of the room when you use it. The design of this creative room divider model is also very diverse, you know, and can be a room decoration.

2. Natural Insulation with Bamboo

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Live the natural atmosphere in your residence by using bamboo sticks as a partition material. Arrange the bamboo sticks neatly or randomly according to your wishes. By arranging them randomly or with different tilt angles and sizes, it will bring a more unique atmosphere to the room. Using bamboo partitions will make your residence seem more natural, cool, and also thick with oriental nuances. Feels like in a Japanese restaurant, right?

3. Screens from Macrame Crafts

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In addition to using solid materials, you can also use soft materials such as rope as a creative idea for room dividers. You can make a large macrame craft that hangs on the area you want to give a border. You can also make this macrame craft yourself and adjust it to the required size. The use of macrame is very suitable to be applied to homes with Scandinavian, rustic, or bohemian interior styles.

4. Glass Dividers for the Illusion of Spacious Spaces

Source: crystaliaglass

Glass always manages to give the illusion of a narrow room seeming wider. This room divider will make the surrounding room look wider because it seems as if there is no room divider. Its transparent nature can also reflect light into the room more optimally. So, you can also save more on electricity costs because you don't need to use additional lighting during the day.

5. Sliding Door Shaped Bulkhead

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You can apply sliding doors to interior areas that are not too broad but make a clear room divider. For example, such as in the bedroom, kitchen, or living room that must be separated from each other. Using a sliding door will provide privacy for you without making the house feel cramped. You can easily open or close it when you need privacy.

6. Insulation from the Curtain

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Not only used to cover windows, curtains can also be used as room dividers. The lightweight fabric material makes it easier to open and close whenever you want. You can also be more free in choosing the color and curtain material used according to the taste and interior style of the residence. For example, dreamy sheer curtains for a softer and brighter impression in the room. The use of these curtains can also make the room look wider, you know. In addition, the price is quite affordable.

7. In the form of a bookshelf

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This one furniture is very commonly used as a portable room divider. Choose an open display shelf so that your display or collection of books can be enjoyed from two different sides of the room. You can also move this bookshelf to another place as needed.

Well, by using a portable room divider, you can not only get privacy for the room, but also a unique decoration that attracts attention. Which room divider idea do you like the most? Do you have any other room divider ideas?

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