7 Ways to Choose Furniture in an Apartment to Make it Look Spacious


Furniture is one of the important elements for a dwelling. No matter what type of residence you have, you definitely need furniture to maximize the function of the room. If you are going to live in an apartment, how to choose furniture, of course, should not be arbitrary. Because usually the size of the apartment is smaller than the landed house.

Many people are confused about how to choose furniture in an apartment for fear of making the space to move narrower. In fact, now there are more and more furniture variants and you are free to choose according to your needs. You just need to pay attention to some of these tips and tricks to get the right apartment furniture.

Use Small Size Furniture

You don't have to choose large furniture for the apartment. Especially if the size of your apartment is not too big or you just live alone. Choose small-sized furniture that can support your needs. So that the furniture can function optimally without limiting your space in the apartment.

Choose Foldable Furniture

Foldable furniture is one of the best solutions for small apartments. When the furniture is not in use, you can fold it so that the apartment room becomes more spacious. The function of the apartment space will be maximized without being disturbed by the furniture in it. Several types of furniture that can be folded include sofa beds, folding beds, and dining tables.

Relying on Glass Furniture

Did you know that glass is very good for apartment furniture? Glass has translucent properties that effectively make the room seem spacious. That is why you can choose furniture made of glass to enhance the interior in the apartment, for example a glass dining table. The placement of glass furniture in the right position will make the apartment room look spacious. The glass material also strengthens the elegant impression on the interior of the apartment.

Prioritize Minimalist Model Furniture

Maybe all this time you have been moved to choose luxurious furniture. However, you should reconsider before choosing the right furniture. It would be better if you choose furniture with a minimalist model. Because minimalist furniture is more suitable for small apartments.

One way is to choose armless sofa furniture that looks sleek and small in size for your apartment. This type of sofa will function optimally while making the apartment room comfortable. You also don't need to worry because minimalist and small-sized furniture can definitely pass through your apartment door smoothly.

Align the Interior with Furniture

You also should not ignore the harmony between the interior and the furniture of your choice. The interior of the apartment, which is equipped with light colored wall paint, will make it easier for you to choose furniture. Because the light-colored interior is suitable to be combined with various colors of furniture. Choose according to your taste so that the mix and match look harmonious.

Choosing Sturdy Furniture

Even though you want to choose small-sized furniture, that doesn't mean you don't need to pay attention to the selection of materials. Furniture materials for apartments must also be sturdy, no different from furniture materials for landed houses. Because most likely the load of furniture in the apartment will be heavier if it is small in size but is used to load a lot of weight. You certainly don't want the furniture to be damaged quickly because the material is not strong enough.

Making Built-In Furniture

You can not only buy ready-made furniture for apartments. If you have a sufficient budget, you can build built-in furniture in the apartment. For example, a wardrobe that is attached directly to the wall. Thus, this hidden furniture will not take up a lot of capacity in your apartment room. Another advantage that you can get is the suitability of the shape and model of the furniture to your needs.

Those are tips and tricks on how to choose furniture in an apartment so that the room looks spacious. As long as you carefully select and determine the furniture, the interior of your apartment will be even more special. The function of an apartment that is fully stocked with quality furniture is maximized to support your comfort.

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