7 Wood Wall Inspirations for a Natural and Homey Home Look


Want to give a different look to the walls of your house by changing the paint or wallpaper in your home? You can try design inspiration with wooden walls for your home. The walls of the house do have an important function as an exterior protector as well as a barrier or insulator between spaces in the building. In addition to having a solid structure, the walls of the house must also be made with an attractive design so that they can become a decorative element in the dwelling.

To make it look fresh and new, just use an alternative paint or wall wallpaper with wood. The appearance of wood is able to provide texture, warmth and natural accents in interior decorations. Want to know what are the inspirations and models of wooden walls in the right house so that the house can look more beautiful? Check it out below.

1. Chevron or Herringbone Pattern Wall

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Wood panels on the walls of the house do not always have to be installed in a horizontal or vertical pattern. To give your home a more dynamic and modern impression, you can arrange pieces of wood with a herringbone or chevron pattern. Apply this wood pattern only on one wall of the room so that the wall can be the main focus. This pattern is very suitable to be applied in the bedroom as a headboard or in the living room as a background for your television.

2. Walls with Natural Wood Panels

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Want to give a warm atmosphere to the room? Add an accent wall made of unfinished pallet wood that is arranged transversely. This wooden pallet wall design inspiration will make the room feel warmer and more natural because it looks rough and still looks like the original. For those of you who want to give your home a rustic look, this wooden pallet wall also has an attractive rustic impression. Even though the texture and color are uneven, this natural wood palette will actually add an attractive accent wall. Combine with other wood furniture to maximize the natural look of the room.

3. Sliced ​​Wood Wall

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Walls with accented wood slices from tree trunks do have a simple appearance, but look phenomenal and have a natural feel. For a more unified look, install plywood or plywood as a backdrop before you attach the wood slices. Coat the pieces of wood with a clear color coating so that the motifs and colors of the wood look more authentic.

4. Minimalist Vertical Thin Wooden Walls

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Wood panels on the walls with a thin shape and arranged vertically are one way to highlight an attractive but still minimalist wall texture. Add a touch of modern or minimalist lights or lighting that will make the room atmosphere more modern. Instead, use lighting with dim yellow lighting so the room can feel warmer and homey.

5. Used Wooden Wall

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It turns out that reclaimed wood or used wood can also create a natural and eclectic style on the walls of the room. The shabby and messy impression displayed by this used wooden pallet can actually display a contrasting texture in a room that previously looked very monotonous. This used wood wall also makes the room more lively and colorful, as well as being an artistic accent wall. This used wood wall is suitable to be applied to the living room or family room, as an attractive focal point of the room.

6. Mosaic Wood Wall

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For a more modern and unique look, you can try this one wall creation. As we already know, wood has many textures and colors. For example, there are many types of brown wood with different color gradations. Well, you can bring some shades of brown from wood to create a unique look that is rarely found. This color gradation game will also provide a mosaic appearance that can make people stunned by its uniqueness.

7. Wooden Wall with Glossy Finish

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Wood material is indeed very easy to apply to give a natural wall appearance. For a more modern and unique look, you can be creative by using a glossy wood texture, aka glossy. Walls with glossy wood are suitable to be applied to various rooms because of their soothing and soothing colors.

You can apply the touch of a wooden wall not only to a rustic house, but also to a modern and minimalist home style. Wood will make the atmosphere of the house cooler, natural, and homey.

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