8 Modern and Minimalist Bed Designs


Want to sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed the next day? To realize your desire, comfort is the most important factor that must be considered when choosing a bed. The ideal bed should be able to provide the best quality of sleep for the people who use it. But besides being comfortable and minimalist, you also have to pay attention to the style and design of the bed.

The right design will support your comfort when spending time sleeping every night. What do you think about a bed design that is aesthetically pleasing but still able to provide comfort? Well, here are some ideas and types that you can follow.

1. All-White Bed

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The white color palette has always been a favorite for many. In addition to its natural color and suitable for use in various room design styles, white also looks clean and can make the room seem more spacious and bright. So that it doesn't look monotonous, you can combine a white bed with various textures and motifs on the mattress, sheets, walls, or even the room carpet used.

2. Natural Bed with Wood

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Like the natural atmosphere? Using natural materials in the bedroom can make it feel cooler and more comfortable, you know. Finishing from natural materials can also make the overall design of the room feel more alive and not monotonous or boring. Choose a wood material for a bed with a smooth wood grain pattern with non-contrast color tones. This design will make the bed seem natural but still simple and minimalist.

3. Simple Bed with Scandinavian Style

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Scandinavian design is famous for its simplicity, minimalism, dominance of neutral colors and maximum natural lighting. Well, this Scandinavian-style bed is perfect for those of you who like a minimalist design. The simple design is also suitable to be combined with other furniture without making the room seem full or cramped. So that it doesn't look monotonous, add texture and motifs to the room.

4. Modern Masculine Bed

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Want to make a room with a slightly dark and masculine impression? The use of dark neutral colors with bold accented furniture will present masculinity as well as modernity. So that the room does not seem too stiff, soften the room decor with geometric textured accents on the carpet or wall painting.

5. Curved Bed

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Want to give a different dynamic look to your bedroom? You can choose a bed with a curved shape. This bed has a design that looks unique and dynamic. Although it looks dynamic, the shape of the curve that becomes the headboard of this bed is very ergonomic in accordance with the shape of the back of the bed itself. By using this design, the room can look more modern and contemporary.

6. Circular Bed

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Currently, many people are getting bored with the symmetrical shape of the bed. One solution to create a different new look in the room is to use a circular bed. To make the bed look more contrast, use a mattress with a different color from the bed so that the circle shape stands out.

The part that doesn't hold up the mattress can also be an additional simple sitting area for your bedroom. Psst, but a bed with this design is more suitable for use in a large bedroom because of its circular shape.

7. Beds with Fun Characters

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Well, if this design is suitable for children's rooms. Every child generally has their own hobby, once they find their favorite activity. You can support this hobby by decorating your room according to a theme related to hobbies or fictional characters that your child likes. For example, using a bed with a ship design or like a princess bed from a fairy tale.

8. Warm Vintage Bed

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Give warmth in the room with a vintage-inspired bed design. Even though it looks old, vintage furniture will be far from outdated because of its timeless model. You also don't need to bother changing the design of the room with a vintage design, because a bed with this design is also suitable to be combined with other designs.

So, which bed design suits you best? Have you found the most suitable bed?

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