Get to know Unfinished Home Designs that are thick with Industrial Style


Minimalist or vintage style house designs are now increasingly in demand by many people. Unfortunately, this uniformity actually makes the style of the house seem boring. If you want a special residential appearance, unfinished house designs can be an attractive alternative.

Until now, there are still many people who do not recognize the concept of unfinished which is applied to home design. So, to apply this style to your home, try to find out what its character and uniqueness are.

Unfinished Residential Design Features

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The following are some of the characteristics of unfinished residential designs that are usually presented in residential homes:

  • The nuance is similar to industrial style.
  • Using materials without finishing such as bricks, wood, and natural stone.
  • The interior touch is dominated by earth tone colors such as gray, brown, light brown, orange, and black.
  • The impression of an unfinished house design is also enhanced with vintage-style furniture of the same color.
  • Implementation of the design takes a long time so that the interior and exterior of the house look harmonious and not excessive.

The Uniqueness of the Unfinished Concept House

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You can get the following advantages if you choose the concept of an unfinished style house:

  • The process of home renovation is fast because it does not require a finishing stage.
  • Renovation costs are more efficient because you don't need to prepare finishing materials.
  • The exterior and interior appearance of the house seems more unique than other houses around your settlement.
  • The atmosphere of the house seems homey and cool as long as the lighting and air circulation systems are arranged properly.
  • The implementation of unfinished designs is considered environmentally friendly because you can use used items as decorative elements.

Tips for Creating Unfinished Style in Residential

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Don't be confused if you want to apply an unfinished style to your home. Follow some of these tips to get the look of your home you want:

  • Prioritizing exposed brick material. Exposed bricks are bricks that are arranged without plaster and plaster. The display will show the arrangement and color of the original bricks. That is why you must choose quality and intact bricks to complete the building of the house.
  • For exterior exposed brick, you should coat it with anti-moss and mildew paint to increase its durability. If you are bored with the arrangement of conventional bricks, you can also arrange them with interesting patterns to make them more eye-catching.
  • Rely on light colored woods that are processed without finishing. The use of light colored wood will minimize the gloomy impression on the interior of the house. Defective or rough-textured wood elements actually add to the attractiveness and aesthetics of your home.
  • Utilize lighting games to highlight certain parts of the house, such as spotlights under a large table made of exposed stone.
  • Using exposed natural stone as a room or table wall material.
  • Setting up an adequate natural and artificial lighting system so that your home doesn't seem dark because of the earth tone shades on the interior and exterior.
  • Reusing used items that are still of good quality to strengthen the vintage impression, for example an old-fashioned dining table or old window frames that are not porous.

In conclusion, don't get tired of exploring the style of the house that seems unique and has character. Unfinished designs can be the right inspiration to enhance the functionality and comfort of your home.

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