Know the Types & Types of Furniture Construction


Buying furniture should not be done at random because you will use the furniture for a long period of time for sure. In addition to considering the price factor, the type of furniture construction must also be taken into consideration. Do not let you choose the type of furniture that does not suit your needs.

However, there is no need to worry if you are still unfamiliar with the basics of furniture construction. At least there are several types of furniture that you can differentiate based on their construction. The following reviews will add to your insight about the kinds and types of furniture before making a choice. Come on, see below!

1. Free Standing Furniture

Source: Hillside Kent

This type of furniture has been constructed in intact condition, cannot be folded or disassembled. The size is fairly large and makes you have to carefully adjust it to the capacity of the room at home. The use of free standing furniture is most suitable for large privately owned houses. If you still live in a rental house, you should minimize the choice of this type of furniture because the moving process is complicated and takes a lot of energy. Several types of furniture that are usually made with the concept of free standing are sofas, guest tables, and beds.

2. Knockdown Furniture

Source: Indian Exporters

Those of you who live in rental homes should rely on the use of knockdown furniture compared to other types of furniture construction. Knockdown furniture can be disassembled as needed. The hallmark of this type of furniture construction is the element in the form of hinges in certain parts. However, you need a long time and sufficient skill to be able to install knockdown furniture properly. Hinges and parts of furniture that can be disassembled are also prone to damage and rust after prolonged use.

3. Mobile Furniture

Source: Inhabitat

The hallmark of mobile furniture is the type of construction in the form of wheels which makes it easy to move around. In addition to having wheels, this type of furniture is usually similar to knockdown furniture, it can be disassembled as needed. The weakness of mobile furniture lies in its relatively low level of balance. Damaged wheel parts are also often difficult to repair because you can hardly find replacements.

4. Built-in Furniture

Source: George Powell

Among other types of furniture, built in furniture is the most complicated and the manufacturing process requires high skills. This type of furniture is usually made in conjunction with the home renovation process. Built in furniture attaches directly to the interior of the house so it cannot be removed or moved. Many people like this construction concept because it is considered integrated with the dwelling and makes the atmosphere of the house seem more exclusive. Several types of furniture that can be made with the built-in concept include a kitchen set, a permanent TV shelf on the wall, and a wardrobe (wardrobe).

5. Inflatable Furniture

Source: The Arts Pilgrimage

The term inflatable furniture is certainly still foreign to most people. Inflatable furniture can be defined as a type of furniture whose size can be expanded from small to large so that its function is maximized. This type of furniture construction is the best solution for homes whose doors are small and large furniture cannot pass. Several types of inflatable furniture that are usually used by many people are sofas, spring beds, and bean bags.

6. Transformable Furniture

Source: CG Trader

This type of furniture construction is more popular with the term multifunctional furniture. The hallmark of transformable furniture is that it has more than one function, for example a sofa that can be converted into a bed or a small dining table that can be folded into a closed part of the kitchen set. People who have small houses should rely on multifunctional furniture so as not to make the interior of the house seem narrower. The use of this type of furniture keeps you free to move at home because the space is not taken up excessively.

So, among these types of furniture construction, which one best suits your needs? It's time to determine the best furniture whose shape and benefits suit your family's needs.

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